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Perhaps Norway’s most beautiful cottage

The Architect’s “invisible " The summer cabin has a watery view of the sea.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

Is this the northernmost crucifix?

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

This house is so cool that it was protected

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

Is this the country’s coolest cabin?

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

This cabin is framed in a gap

This highly discreet, yet architecturally exciting Kragerø cabin has Oslo architect Brit Seijersted Bødtker planned for himself and his family, and with his strong personality, it reminds us of the most sensational Finnish design and architectural cabins.

Foreplay in gazebo and funky cabins

– I was inspired by a sober, three-storey gazebo in the area and modernist sixties cabins when I designed the cabin in 2001. My goal was to let the house go as far as possible into nature. Keeping the trees on the plot and blasting as little as possible was very important to me, she says to clicks. no

The gray building is sheltered in shelter between the slippery mountains. Here the owners and good friends can enjoy the summer evenings undisturbed on the two terraces until late at night.

The cottage construction is simplest possible. Pultaket, the large windows, some of them trill round, open the house, and not least the large room with living room and kitchen in one towards the picturesque sea view.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

HEMMELSK: The cottage slides into the scenic landscape. Here is nature in the driver’s seat, and the building adapts to the terrain. Photo: Are Carlsen

The trees got stuck

The old trees on the plot are preserved.

Among other things, a crooked pine pops up like a sculpture from the terrace, and in the evening it makes some trolling shadows and shapes in front of the building. Furua is an experience in itself.

Round funkis windows and sun shade

The glass facade towards the sea is 2.6 high and in almost the entire cabin length. ‘

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

HAVBLIKK: The owners look far at sea from the living room. Here in the house, nature plays the main role. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

Over the large windows, sixty-cent high windows are running, and some of these windows can be opened.

This allows full ventilation of the living room on hot summer days.

Entrants all over

All rooms in the cabin have access via a wooden flooring that runs around the entire facility.

This plate acts like a generous extension of the rooms inside and creates a nice touch, transition between the outside and inside.

Internal lottery architect all wood surfaces get left untreated.

A Closed World

The building closes totally against the mountain behind the house where a sculptural concrete staircase leads up to the roof terrace.

The kitchen is raised above the living room

The building body is divided into three parts and with the steenel as the largest. At the end of this living room is the kitchen. It is raised from the floor at 35 cm high base level.

Special Class Panel

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

NATURE EARTH: The cottage has wooden planks in two levels. The crooked, beautiful trees can continue to grow right where they stood before the cabin was erected. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

– It was a challenge to set up this unconventional cabin. Here there were special panel types and other unusual carpentry solutions, says construction manager Trond Buen who was responsible for the project.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

TOP ARCHITECTURE TYPE: The architect’s tight lines go through the entire building. The rause terrace plot runs along the entire front of the cottage. Photo: Are Carlsen

Listless Transitions

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

FULL POTT: From the roof terrace, which is at the height of the tree trenches, you look at Jomfruland, Rauane and the busy shipmember very far. Photo: Are Carlsen

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

ALLROM: The living room with the kitchen at one end is the dominant room in the building. Photo: Are Carlsen

The fact that there should be no shelter, neither around the doors, windows or the rounded glasses, made particularly high demands on the craft and accuracy, says Buen.

Stairway to Heaven

The stairs behind the house are also tailored to match the rest of the plant. In addition, the roof deck rests on a round, padded concrete pillar that stands right on the mountain. All railings are also in a modernist style that clad the building.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

SLIPP IN THE MORGENLYSET. The large round window is the hallmark of this archipelago cottage and opens the living room for the morning sun. Note, the window is without disturbing artwork. Photo: Søvi dos Santos

Once you get up on the terrace, you will be rewarded with pan-roundtrips far to sea, all the way to the busy ski slope.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

HARMONIC WITH THREE: The stue area is the largest of the three parts of the cabin. The firewall of Leca blocks is made extra large. Scan fireplace and wicker chairs from Skeidar. The panel walls are left untreated. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos.

Disposable with narrow spoons

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

DESIGN FOR ALL CHILDREN: A stylish, architect-designed staircase stands at the back of the cabin. It leads up to the rause roof terrace. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

For aesthetic and practical reasons, the roof rails in front of the house are pulled out and coated with sliding wooden panels.

This event both monitors residents of stinging sun and softens the box-like cottage.

Panel Extending Building

Standing toy panels in the end walls are a distinctive feature that visually makes the cabin longer while at the same time helping to give the whole house an architectural touch.

Basic plan and organization of the cabin:

The long-sized, one-story cottage measures 25 x 5 meters.

It is divided into three distinct segments. The largest is the living room with kitchen level up, on a plateau. In the middle part are the laundry room and the storage room in a separate group. In the west, towards the mountain, all four bedrooms are gathered in an area-effective crossroads.

Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage

FUNCTION WINDOW: The standing play panel gives an exciting visual effect. It extends the cabin and the round window reminds us of the style of the funk style. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

Area utilization is high. Useful area is 99 sqm. Living area is 129 sq. M.

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Perhaps Norway's most beautiful cottage


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