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Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

Before the house of artist Jens Werner Andersen became the Burberry pattern, it was a comrade.

Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

CLASSICAL ROUTES: Burberry fashion houses are best known for the characteristic squares, like here on a mini-skirt. Photo: Barto /

Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

MOTORS: The house is painted in Burberry stripes. Photo: Jens Werner Andersen

Artist Jens Werner Andersen’s house in Larvik has woken up beyond the local border.

Both Dagbladet and Aftenposten have written about the house that he has painted in the Burberry pattern.


Apparently, little like connecting the young artist with the Burberry brand, and the classic squares.

And we obviously do not want to interpret the artist’s fool to the mark particularly deeply.

– I work with trademarks before and think Burberry is a distinct trademark, says the artist to

– But here I thought more about form than on content, he continues.

– You can say I painted the house in a pattern because I want to look like a pattern citizen, says Andersen and laughs.

Lots of tape

Each stripe is made with masking tape.

– It did not take long to paint the house, says Andersen, who stretched the job over two summers.

It took place somewhere between 40 and 60 hours, he calculates.

Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

KAMO: This pattern was painted in 2003 after Bush went to war on Iraq. Photo: Jens Werner Andersen

Before, there was camouflage

What do people think in the neighborhood about the fa├žade?

– I’ve painted the house before, including in camouflage, when Bush went to war on Iraq in 2003, so people are used to it.

He has also invited people to touch the house earlier. He told the Eastland Post that he was sad with the negative focus on tagging as an expression.

The tagge stunt was received with mixed reactions in Larvik.

House in dialog

Paint the house in the Burberry pattern

TAGGET: Here people could come and drop the house. Photo: Jens Werner Andersen

The facade of the small house in Larvik is changing over time.

Because the expression is so different and unknown, it creates reactions.

Andersen uses the house to create a dialogue with the city’s inhabitants.

It’s exciting to see what, once in the future, replaces Burberry’s routes. Currently you can see the house as it is at Lilletorget in Larvik.

You can read more about the house at

What do you think of the original house? Write your opinion in the comments box below!

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