Oslo in the world top

The English magazine Wallpaper has named Oslo as one of the foremost architectural cities in the world.

Oslo in the world top

Oslo in the world top

FIN BEGINNING: “Just the first step on the road to renewal,” writes Wallpaper about the Opera. Photo: Trond Isaksen / Statsbygg

Oslo in the world top

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Oslo in the world top

The hotel you have not seen

Oslo in the world top

Soap cookie became trendy apartment

The English magazine Wallpaper has previously praised Norwegian architects. Now they go even further and proclaim Oslo as one of the foremost architectural and design cities in the world. In its annual award ceremony Wallpaper Design Awards, Oslo is listed on the list with Johannesburg, Chicago, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro.

The Opera is not surprisingly one of the buildings that is drawn in the grounds for the award.

Forward from the shadow

“Oslo finally emerges from the long shadow thrown by the city’s more famous neighbors like Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki,” the magazine writes in introduction to its grounds.

They draw the Opera building in Bjørvika as the start of a city development where the areas down to the Oslo fjord are utilized better – also known as the Fjord City project.


Wallpaper emphasizes at the same time that in parallel with the development in Bjørvika, Grünerløkka has been transformed into one of the hottest areas in the capital, full of deli shops, bars, restaurants and shops.

Foremost in the world on environment

The website is also concerned that this development has occurred without the environment having suffered. On the contrary. “Oslo’s location between a fjord and a national park, as well as its affordable size, just makes the city appeal even more. At the same time, the city’s ecological visions make it one of the world’s premier eco-friendly capitals, “they write.

Icon Buildings

The new buildings that have got icon status draw Wallpaper to the Holmenkollbakken. In addition, they highlight projects under way, such as the Deichmann Library and the Munch Museum in Bjørvika and the Astrup Fearnley Museum at Tjuvholmen – and Oslo S.

Oslo in the world top

OPEN: The project of opening and utilizing the areas down to the fjord has been named Fjordbyen. Photo: Illustration: Vianova


On the design page, Wallpaper Monica Bonvicini’s large floating sculpture, “She lies”, revealed last year. They also emphasize that furniture and product design flourishes in the city.


– I have to say that there is a lot of a company to be mentioned in, says City Council for Urban Development, Bård Folke Fredriksen, to Click. no.

– This is a recognition that we can use to promote the city even better, and it is an inspiration to work on the plans we have.

Blend of old and new

Folke Fredriksen is very pleased that Oslo has been awarded such a price without the new architecture being developed at the expense of other settlements.

– We do this by releasing the port areas that have been there as a barrier. And the great thing is not that we have one style but a collage of several, which gives the city a charming feel.

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