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Oranges on the balcony

The smallest fruit trees do not need a grounding touch, but perform in jars on the balcony.

Oranges on the balcony

Oranges on the balcony

TETTSITTENDE EPLER. There are several column pear trees on the market. These are soon ready for harvest. Photo: Helge Eeek

Oranges on the balcony

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Oranges on the balcony

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Oranges on the balcony

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Oranges on the balcony

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Small patio is no barrier to an oasis of fruit trees. You may not get the bowl full of apple juice or liters with cherry liqueur, but only the thought of harvesting fruit on the balcony is peculiar to us who do not have their own garden.

Easy to grow

The fruit trees can taste great in large jars or boxes on the floor of the floor, if they get enough space, nutritious soil and frost-proof jars.

– Apple trees and cherries are the easiest to grow on the balcony, especially pearls and some varieties of sweet cherries, but you should bet on the lowest possible trees and the largest possible pots or boxes.

– Use frost-proof jars that are big and draining, fill them with lecaculars, “says Landscape Architect Gro Hogsnes Fyhri MNLA at InSitu Landscape Architects..

Close-up apples

Barrows grow close to the trunk and do not get so high and they can therefore enjoy the porch.

If there are long side branches, these should be cut to the trunk. Many apple varieties need pollen from a completely different variety to get good fruit, so you may want to have two trees.

Is the porch so small that you only fit one, you can buy a tree with branches of two to three different varieties grafted on the trunk.

Oranges on the balcony

VARIATION. Epletre with branches on the left before it carries fruit, it has received a company with, among other things, grapes. Photo: Helge Eeek

Guro Myrvold Holter at Bo Grønt tells us that pearls are best suited to jars.

Oranges on the balcony

blush. Tempting cherries ready for harvesting. Photo: Colourbox

Oranges on the balcony

Blomsterfryd. There is hardly any more beautiful than a spring-blooming cherry tree. Photo: Colourbox

Many fruit trees are grafted on rootstocks, which requires more soil than a jar can accommodate.

“Bolero” and Flamenco “are excellent balcony trees as well as” Maypole “. The latter is a decorative platter and therefore most suitable for decoration.

Sweet cherries

Cherries can fit into boxes or jars.

The cherry trees are often less of growth than morals. In addition, the trees get a magnificent flowering in the spring. Consult the garden centers which varieties you should bet on.

While the apple tree is to be cropped before spring flowering, the cherry tree should be pruned after harvesting.

Exotic Entries

Oranges and lemons are exotic touches, but they are most decorative and not as hardy as cherries and apples. In any case, the lemon trees are a spectacle with other fruit trees and plants.

Paste them in

When autumn harvest is over and the crop in house, it is time for summary.

Some trees may not be worth again, while others managed through the winter and bloom again in the spring.

If you have a garden patch in addition to the balcony, it is smart to plant the fruit trees in the soil throughout the winter. Wrap the jars if they have to overwinter on the balcony or the porch – and cross your fingers for a new spring bloom.

Jar Trees Tip:

  • Choose fruit trees that take up little space.
  • Minke size for jars is 20 liters, but give the fruit trees more space.
  • Make sure the jars are frost-proof and draining.
  • Ensure good and proper nutrition, use lecoculars or pebbles in the bottom.
  • Pack the jars for wintering, it’s a good idea to let them snow down.

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