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One of these colors must be avoided in the kitchen by all means

The best color of the kitchen.

One of these colors must be avoided in the kitchen by all means

– Red makes us stress, we eat fast and we can therefore get bad digestion if we eat in a red room every day, she says.

That says Tove Steinbo. She is an expert in color psychology and color symbolism, has written the book The Colors Forteller, and runs the blog with the same name.

According to color psychology, the study of the effect colors have on us is not red a color that fits a room we prefer to be calm, merry and foody.

– Instead of a nice moment around the table, we can become both impatient and annoyed by those we eat together with.

Colors affect us for far more than we are aware of. In a kitchen, which is usually the family gathering point after a long day, it is important to thrive.

– Do not follow the trends

White, black and gray are still popular colors in the kitchen, but the expert is not addicted to these colors.

Instead of blindly following the kitchen trends, should you think about what function the kitchen should have, she believes.

– The minimalist trend has been too long. We should not follow fashion, but use colors that are good for us.

According to the color expert, white, black and gray colors give us a little. Whole white gives us no refill in either direction, and should in the worst case be replaced with a cream color. Black and gray make us depressed.

Steinbo also points out that it is difficult to spot all the dams in the latter two.

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One of these colors must be avoided in the kitchen by all means

BORN WITH WHITE: Steinbo believes white generally gives us very little. Right here, however, something is done correctly by placing a square-colored flower on the table. – It will put a nice tone around the table. The color highlights the food and promotes good appetite, explains the color expert. Photo: Thinkstock

Turquoise ensures hygiene

However, there are two words that go again when we talk about kitchen: food and hygiene. It should be nice, and not least, food will be made there.

– The most hygienic color is turquoise, or aqua, which is a turquoise shade. It is a very good color when it comes to hygiene and should also be used in rooms like bathrooms and restrooms and in hospitals, Steinbo says..

Both turquoise and blue colors are generally cold colors.

Blue has traditionally been used extensively in a kitchen, but should preferably be kept in the bedroom, but Steinbo.

– Blue makes us calm and is a very good sleeping color. But should it be used in the kitchen you should add warmer color clocks. It’s a very cool color and getting a cold and dark winter day and sitting in a blue kitchen is not very cozy, she says.

– The color shakes us down, but does not give any food for dinner.

Do you struggle with flies, the blue color may help. Traditionally, people often painted kitchen blue to keep the flies away, and according to Steinbo, the theory is correct.

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One of these colors must be avoided in the kitchen by all means

FOR CALCULATION: Blue is the most hygienic color, but can be too cold to have it in the whole kitchen. Photo: Trine Solberg

Peach with the dining table

You should bet on turquoise for the sake of hygiene, while the kosen does not show up in such a cold color.

Therefore, Steinbo suggests keeping the turquoise color to where hygiene is most important.

– Light turquoise can be used over the kitchen counter where you cook. But the best color for food, and sitting together and eating is peach.

She explains:

– Orange is the color of the joy of life. It will put a nice tone around the table. It highlights the food and promotes good appetite.

If you think peach-colored walls get a bit “much”, fortunately, not all the world is going to. The stronger the color, the more it will affect us, according to Steinbo.

– Old people who have lost the food should have some peaches around the meal. A dish with a peach-colored border, a piece of paper or something like that, she says.

Color in the kitchen

Lisbeth Larsen is the color manager of the paint manufacturer Jotun. She is unsure whether people actually think of the color that gives the greatest appetite when deciding what color the kitchen will have, but says that she has the impression that people are not as busy as before.

– Today, we clearly see that people generally reflect much more about the colors they use. We color our homes to enjoy it, not because it’s so cool. Fortunately, Larsen says.

She can also tell that it looks like we’re heading away from the whites and we’re going a little more colorful roads when we’re cooking the kitchen today.

– We see that people are painting about the creature front. There are a lot of blue-green shades, and in mint colors. Another trend is that there will be more woodwork and modern kitchenettes.

We go a little away from the whole white and white, and against colors like mint, gray, black and gray pastels, and you may want a lighter wall color to shine a little.

Respects red in the kitchen too

Like Steinbo, she is concerned that people not only look at trends in color selection. The color you end up with will be the color that suits you best. – A kitchen is a place to enjoy, so you have to think what color you like.

Even if she also refuses to use red in the kitchen, she thinks little red dots, like a red kitchen machine, might be nice to trigger creativity a little.

– I often recommend a color that sheds a little down in the kitchen, such as a blue-green color, which is nice when you lower your shoulders a little.


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