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One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

The worst thing you can do is squeeze the ceiling with downlights, experts say.

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

Good positioning of downlights hangs close to the furniture ring.

In the living room it’s important to know where furniture and media equipment should stand before placing downlights on the ceiling, “says Erlend Lillelien, Head of Light Culture, Norwegian Lighting Center.

Do not think symmetry

Many sit with a floor plan of their home and draw a symmetrical grid with downlights without thinking about the furnishing. It can have unfortunate consequences.

– Do not think symmetry for symmetry sake, do not make lines in advance. First, look at where you need light and pull up lines later, says Lillelien.

The worst thing you can do is squeeze the ceiling with downlights, because you just light up the floor and not vertically, says Lillelien.

Bodil Skaug Holte, general manager of Design Lighting agrees.

– It was a while there were many who peered the whole house with downlights. It was almost to cry off.

Too many downlights can give a flat and dull light. You should always combine downlights with other light sources in the living room, “says Skaug Holte.

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

LIGHT OPP VEGLATEN: Many place downlights too far from the wall so they only light up the floor. The experts recommend that the light should hit the wall. Photo: Philips

Light up the wall surfaces

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

It’s especially a trick that interior experts are using now

Both think downlights should be used to illuminate the wall surfaces and not the floor.

– You should place the downlights so the light hits the vertical surfaces, the things you have. In addition, if you select adjustable downlights, it is easy to adjust the light to something specific as a picture on the wall.

Many place downlights too far out of the wall, the results are often better if you place the closer wall so it will light up.

– If you select adjustable downlights, you should place them in the ceiling 30-60 cm from the wall. If you choose fixed downlights, place them in the ceiling between 25-40 cm out of the wall, says LIllelien.

Placing downlights over the seating area, too far from the wall, you can be blinded when sitting or lying on the couch. The best thing is maybe to drop downlights over the sofa completely and completely, says Lillelien.

Should you illuminate a bookcase, it’s nice if the downlights are placed in the ceiling, 40 cm from the bookshelf ends.

Avoid blending

In general, it’s smart to make sure you’re not seated or lying to look straight up in a downlight when you stay in the living room.

Downlights flush with the roof can blend. However, if you choose a luminaire where the light source is drawn, it is difficult to see where the light source comes from and it is difficult to blend.

Also be aware of the location of the downlights on TV one. – A downlight in the ceiling just above the TV screen will give glare, instead place a downlight on the ceiling on either side of the TV, “says Skaug Holte.

Brighten up where to work

In the kitchen there are many who place dowlights too far away from the work surfaces.

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

ADJUSTABLE: If you want the light to hit something special, like a picture on the wall, you should select adjustable downlights. Photo: Design Lighting

– The problem is that many place downlights so that the light hits the back of the head over the kitchen counter where you will work. A good placement is often in the ceiling 10 cm from the end of the worktop or in the ceiling between the worktop and the top cabinet, says Lillelien.

Avoid cold and bluish light

Many people are afraid to get a cold, bluish light if they select LED bulbs, but choose bulbs with the right color temperature, so that’s not going to be a problem.

– LED bulbs are available in different color temperatures. Do you choose pears with a color temperature of 2700 so the light does not get a bluish shear, says Skaug Holte.

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

COMMON TABLES: Placing a downlight directly above the TV can give an unfortunate glow. The best one had been and only had one on each side of the TV one. Photo: Manufacturers

It’s also smart to always choose dimming. Unlike Halogen bulbs, LED bulbs do not get warmer light when dimmed. but dimming gives you whatever opportunity to create a weaker light and different moods.

One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

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Select LED bulbs from famous manufacturers

There are many players who supply LED bulbs and luminaires. Not everything is of equal quality.

-I would advise people to choose LED bulbs from well-known manufacturers like Philips and Oscram. It is not always smart to leave the choice of light source to the electricians since they often work on commission. If you are unsure whether you are recommended a good product, check with an independent consul, says Lillelien.

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One downlights loss is worse than everyone else

BLUE LIGHT: If you select a temperature of 2700 degrees on the LED bulbs, you will not get a bluish light. Photo: Design Lighting


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