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Old jugs in fine form

Fish, bird, water lily or English nobleman? If you are heading for an antique store or in a flea market, you will certainly find a storyy and cozy mug for your kitchen.

Old jugs in fine form

Old jugs in fine form

FUGL: This musty is a bird, maybe a male, it is Czech from the 1950s and 18 cm tall. Value approx. kr 150. (Private own). Photo: Other Corneliussen

When you start looking for jugs in flea markets, used markets and antique stores, you soon find out that there is a wide range of materials, designs and styles; glassware, porcelain or stoneware, with shear grinding or scent glass, and many with the most diverse flower decorators. Mugs shaped like birds or fish are also not uncommon.

Age Determination

They are often unmarked, and it can be difficult to identify them with certainty. If they have distinct style, such as Art Nouveau (the “style of flowers” which was especially popular in the period 1895 to 1910) or Art Deco (also called functionalism func- tion, which characterized many objects from the 1920s and beyond), it may be a good starting point for age determination.

Write down everything you know when you inherit or buy a jug and attach a small piece of paper with the information below it. So future generations can take the story forward.

FISH AND WATER: From the left: Italian jugs in stone with yellow glazing, shaped like fish. It is from 1950 and is 22 cm high. Value approx. NOK 320. (Anne-Lisa Hansen). In the middle we see that floating blue and gold are decorating this porcelain batter from approx. 1900, which is 20 cm high. Below it says: “Royal Venton Ware. John Steventon & Sons Ltd. Burslem England ». Value approx. NOK 1800. (Stavern Antik). Typical Art Nouveau on the mug on the right in glazed stoneware in white, turquoise and green with water lily seeds. The mug is from 1900 and is 16 cm high. Value approx. NOK 1800. (Løkeberg Antik).

Old jugs in fine form

Photo: Anders Corneliussen

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