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Old house with fresh colors

The old house dates back to the 18th century and is home to a family of four, two cats and some nice ghosts.

Old house with fresh colors

Old house with fresh colors

The large bathroom was originally three rooms: Bathroom, laundry room and hallway. The new bathroom was so big that Geir and Jeanette chose to share it with a partition that goes behind the sink. The bathroom fixture is from HTH, and the countertop and the sink are disposed of. The big white closet we see in the mirror found Jeanette in flea market. Photo: Siri Møller

– I have heard that someone has entered the front door and on the stairs to the second floor, but nobody is there. And sometimes it smells like old lady perfume in one of the bedrooms. But there’s nothing scary, that’s a good atmosphere here, smiles Jeanette Lunde (34).

She also tells her daughter Mathea (5) saw a man in the living room while she was two years old. But ghosts in spite of:

– I’m really dark red, but in this house I’ve never been afraid, says Jeanette.

You may have to count on a ghost or two when the house you live was built 300 years ago. When not a wall or ceiling is right and one finds an old pit under three layers of kitchen flooring.

It’s strange to think that where we cook now, there have been women and cooked food over a pit, “says Jeanette.

In old footsteps

Old house with fresh colors

The hall is painted light blue and cheered up by scarves in fine colors. Photo: Siri Møller

It was originally the grandfather of Jeanette’s husband Geir who came to the farm Gulset in Skien as a little boy in 1907. A few years later his father died, and grandfather Aslak took over the farm, only 17 years old. Geir was a great deal with grandma and grandfather in Skien as a child, and had a close relationship with the farm. After the grandparents died, the farm remained empty for a period of time.

– Maybe we should try Gulet? Geir asked a cold january day he and Jeanette were out and tumbled with little Mathea who was only a few weeks old. They lived in Sandefjord and had been looking for a while after a small farm or an old house.

The old house had been built and refurbished along the way, the last time in the fifties. Both walls, ceilings, floors and doors were refurbished to get the right fifty look, and Jeanette and Geir removed many layers to find back to the original. Most places found the lovely old panel and nice wooden floors that could be used further. Elsewhere, it was absolutely necessary to replace the old one.

– In the dining room there were paths in the wooden floor, says Jeanette.

The renovation of the entire house took four months. There were many hours of paint costs.

– There is a panel everywhere that has to be painted with brush. It takes terribly long time. I do not think we realized what we started when we started. It’s like that when you start tearing up, something else has to be done. That’s the way. It took some time before I could look at the pictures from the refurbishment, “says Jeanette.

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Loves retro and color

All walls, windows and doors were painted white, except for the hallway and a couple of bedrooms. The floor was light gray. For Jeanette, graphic designer, it became a white, clear sheet, ready to be filled with the most beautiful flea. In addition, Geir was a bit wary.

Old house with fresh colors

Mathea shows way into his room. The green curtain in the door has been bought in flea market. Photo: Siri Møller

– What was earlier, as I had grown up, completely disappeared. Everyone wants to say that the way it is now is the finest. But I liked it very well as it was before too. I have to admit that I thought it was a bit woeful at first, says Geir, who at the same time suits his wife for her interior fitting.

– I think it’s very nice, so!

The white house is filled with small color clocks in all rooms. Jeanette is not afraid to paint a stool of pale yellow, put an orange pillow on a gray sofa, or hang a green cookie on the wall. The result is alive and playful, while all the white makes the impression calm.

– I like tight interior, but I do not manage it myself. I also like gray French interior, but myself I’m too fond of colors to manage it like that. I love retroting, I love colors and at the same time I love white and blank. I do not quite know what to call the style. I’m not so keen on style, but having things around me I think is fine, “says Jeanette.

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Rarely something new

Jeanette and Geir are concerned about reuse. Therefore, they rarely buy new furniture, almost everything they have is bought used or inherited, and then painted or pulled over. Jeanette sews children’s clothes and pillows of old fabrics and loves to go on a flea market.

– Here in Skien there are still opportunities to make some good bargains in flea markets. It’s much easier to get good things than in Oslo, for example. Here are not everyone looking for the same things, says Jeanette and smiles happy.

Old house with fresh colors

The old wood stove in the bathroom is used when it is properly cold outside. Lucky is the one who can lie under the quilt until it’s been hot! Photo: Siri Møller

Jeanette does not only rush to flea market to find old treasures. Once she put an ad in the local newspaper: “70’s, Antlers and Old Buttons Wanted To Buy”. The ad ended in both fine fabrics and buttons, and two nice little spikes to hang on the wall.

– I have to do that more often. People have so many nice things that they just want to get rid of. An old man I got a whole button collection from, was just awesome for someone to enjoy the old buttons.

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Always a project on time

When Jeanette was young, she was always keen to keep her tidy. If she did not sleep, she refurbished her room. She still likes to move around things, and she’s always on a project. Whether it’s drawing or painting pictures, crochet or sew.

– I think I’m a little occupationally injured. I can not help thinking ideas. When I first get an idea, I have to do it right away. It’s a bit tiring, not least for those I live with, laughs Jeanette.

The biggest project now, however, is to rebuild the barn on the farm.

Old house with fresh colors

The house was originally a log cabin from 1650-1700. In retrospect, the house has been modernized and built, with the original timber walls retained. Photo: Siri Møller

– I know so many who make things on a hobby basis. I really want to open a small design store where we can collect all of these things as there are not many of them.

The plan is also to open a cafe, banqueting room and a creative office community.

– After collaborating on the refurbishment of this house, Geir and I know we are working very well together. We think it’s very fun. I’m creative while Geir is more practical, besides being good at people. I think we can manage to create something good here on the farm, together.

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