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“Oh, is not it full of bacteria?”

Bathmats in front of the shower or bathtub cause strong opinions among many. What do you mean? OK or disgusting?

It is important that good hygiene in the bathroom is important that most people know. Many still keep bone hard on Friday and full blast, and usually there is always a bathroom and toilet on the agenda, because everyone knows that there may be a lot of bacteria on the nap.

But even if you’re never so good at scrubbing both the shower and the toilet, it’s still so many people forget about other potential bacterial cells when cleaning is up for the trip. Putting towels on the sink is one thing, but who really remembers bathing?

– This is just nasty

Da Bonytt. No took the matter of bathing mats out for debate on Facebook, it resulted in heated discussions and many shared opinions.

– Badematter is nasty, Maria meant 34 at Oslo.

– You squeeze it with dirty bones, walk in the shower and then pull out on the dirty rug again. It may not be particularly hygienic?

Ellen at 40 from Tønsberg agrees:

– It will be wet on the floor if you do not remember to hang it up – then bacteria can grow freely.

"Oh, is not it full of bacteria?"

YES OR NO: Some think it’s bad with bathmats, while others like something more than just bones. Photo: Producer

While others hit a slap for the bad bath mat:

– How dirty are you like on your feet before going to shower? Ask 48-year-old Frode from Tromsø.

– It becomes a little hilarious to say that you can not have bath mat because you get dirty again when you step out of the shower.

Gro-Anita from Oslo agrees:

– You can just hang the blanket to dry over the bathing edge when you’re ready to shower, so it dries.

Many will not get rid of bath mat because it is a comfortable touch in the bathroom.

“It’s so nice to step out on something soft when you get out of the bathtub,” says Nina Beate from Lillestrøm.

– And then the water flows so you do not have to make the rest of the bathroom floor wet too.

Important to wash at the correct temperature

Just like the towels that are lying wet on the floor, bacteria can also grow in a bath mat that gets wet wet and allowed to lie.

– Bacteria thrive very well in a damp towel in a hot bath, has a physician in microbiology at Uppsala University Hospital, Åsa Melhus, previously reported to Bonytt. no.

– The same is true to the extent of the bath mat, if you leave it wet on the floor.

"Oh, is not it full of bacteria?"

To get rid of the spots in the mattress

Stronger environmental considerations have led Norwegians to replace the kitchen sink with a 30 or 40 degree wash.

– It’s probably right for the environment, but bad news for health, Melhus believes.

At Lilleborg Consumer Service, Malin Skaar agrees that the bath mat should be washed in the same way as towels to keep the cleanest and most clean.

– Check when you buy bath mat that it can be washed at 60 degrees, suggests Skaar.

– Then you can swallow it together with the towels that are dirty and used.

For low-temperature temperatures, bacteria, which often grow optimally around 42 degrees – do not remove two degrees warmer than the 40 degree wash program that Norwegians use for the most part.

– Hanging the bath mat over the bathing edge when you have shower also makes it dry faster, explains Skaar.

– It’s when it’s allowed to stay wet that bacteria have time to multiply.

Dries on heating cables

"Oh, is not it full of bacteria?"

Therefore, you should clean the laundry

Senior researcher Inger Dahl at the Institute of Technology in Oslo believes there is no need to panic and throw out bath mat.

– Very many have heating cables on the bathroom floors nowadays, Dahl explains to Bonytt. no.

– And then the bath mat will dry quickly, regardless of whether it is lying on the floor.

Wash the carpet for washing in new and down and you have nothing to worry about, says the expert.

– No, it’s a good idea to have bath mat just wash it on a regular basis. Then I would advise those who have so fed on the floor in front of or around the toilet to get rid of these because they think I’m much more prone to spills and bacteria that can spread and grow.

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"Oh, is not it full of bacteria?"

HANG TO DRINK: Especially if you do not have heating cables on the floor. Photo: Colorbox

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"Oh, is not it full of bacteria?"

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