Now you should plant the onion

Here you will find tips on what should be done in a garden in the fall.

Now you should plant the onion

The fall is here and the cold is scorching. Do you really know what should be done in a garden now?

– Plant new flowers in jars and boxes where summer flowers have made their own. Asters, Calluna, Cyclamen, Frilandskrysantemum, Ornamental Cabbage, Silver Wreath or Helichrysum, Celosia, Pearpepper (Capsicum) and Gaultheria are beautiful plants that can stand out even if it gets cooler, says information consultant Elin Nordli at the Office for Flowers and Plants (OBP).

– Slowly place them slightly and thanks, they will not get ugly when the harvest rain sets. Remember to water them, it’s easy to forget when standing out. You do not need to fertilize these plants since they will not grow more in the autumn.

Plant bushes and trees in the garden

– September is a nice month to plant bushes and trees, since the temperature is lower and the moisture in the soil higher, says Nordli.

– That is, the plants will more easily form roots, since they do not lose so much water, nor should they grow and make flower buds. If you choose Norwegian-produced plants, you will get plants that have been tested here in the country and are adapted to the climate here.

Furthermore, the information consultant points out that you should not provide nitrogen rich fertilizer while planting now in the fall.

Now you should plant the onion

Vedquizen you hardly manage

Then the plants can be tricked into thinking that they will grow instead of preparing for the winter.

Gartner Hilde Poppe at Plantation emphasizes that September is the last month to use fertilizer in the garden.

– Choose a type called “harvest fertilizer” that has little nitrogen in it, or use kukompost.

Plant bulbs

According to Nordli, the spring flower arrangements must be prepared in the garden already.

– Bulbs are hardy throughout the country, and there are many beautiful varieties. Flower bulbs like light soil; add some sand and chicken cheese to the ground before putting the onions down. It should be on the package where deep the bulb should be laid. A rule of thumb states that the onions should be added 2-3 times as deep as the bulb is high.

– Many onion flowers divide and grow more over the years and should stand in a place where they can spread. This includes crocuses, snowballs, snowy roses, scilla, pearls and daffodils.

Move the plants

Now you should plant the onion

TIME TO PLAN: Autumn is a great time to plant onions. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO:

– It’s also great time to move plants that you see grow in the wrong place in the garden, advises the information consultant at OBP.

Now you should plant the onion

– One mistake can kill 99 percent of all plants

Perhaps the knight trail fits a place somewhere else in the garden, while you need catmines and autumn foxes? It is nice to have spring or autumn blooming plants near the entrance of the house.

Furthermore, Nordli points out that you should also be careful about removing apples on the ground.

– They easily get different fungal diseases, and the fungus overwinter on the apples. They will also attract different pests you do not want in a garden.

Multi-annual growth rate

Poppe at Plantas says that autumn is certainly the best time to plant perennial crops, then they get a good start before next spring .

– Winter green should only be planted a little before the cold comes. The same goes for the lawn – good time to see – but it should be a good idea to sprout a little before the cold sets in.

According to the gardener, if you have plants in a jar that is going to survive, take action now when the cold starts to come.

– I personally pick up roses and hydrangeas from the pots and put them on the compost heap for the winter. There I cover them with foliage and waste so that they are laid loose during the cold season.

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