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Now you have to count square meters

At the end of the month, the Tax Administration sends out the forms in connection with the new housing tax.

Now you have to count square meters

Now you have to count square meters

– Value is not enough

Now you have to count square meters

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Now you have to count square meters

New housing rules can cost you a lot

Now you have to count square meters

Therefore, home insurance is more expensive for families with children

As of this year, all homes will have a new equation value as a basis for calculating wealth tax.

In this regard, the government wants us to state the size of the property, when it is built and what type of it.

– The new equation value will affect the wealth tax for 2010. However, for many, it is a matter of sending an SMS to the Tax Administration with the information, , explains Bjørn Paulsen, section manager at Click.no.

And that is the good old principle of faith and honor that still applies, but the Tax Administration has the authority to obtain the information if there is any doubt.


Count square meters

Additional Information

Further information on the new system for housing value is available on the Tax Administration’s pages.

When the new forms arrive in the mailbox of the country’s homeowners, there are three information the authorities are interested in. It is the so-called P-ROM, which corresponds to the living space of the house, so is the year of construction and finally housing type.

– Both housing type and construction year will be essentially completed, so all you need to return is the living space, Paulsen says.

And you can find two ways:

– If you have purchased housing in recent years, the figure will probably appear in the sales or prospectus. However, if you are sitting on an older residence, you must measure yourself.

Send SMS

There are three ways to submit the information to:

Is only area, and any construction year to return, sending a text message will stop.

If the home type is to be entered, either the form must be returned by post or entered using Altinn, which is also the third method of submission.

Fiction Equation

The deadline for submitting the information is 15 October to bring the new value on the tax card for 2011.

Next date is February 1st. According to Paulsen, if you look at this, you can not expect the information to be included in the pre-filled tax return.

– This means that you can not make use of the so-called delivery exemption scheme.

If you are not ready to receive the information by 31 March, which is the deadline for delivery of the tax return, the authorities will make an estimate of the property.

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