Now you can have windows that wash themselves

This is how self-cleaning glass works.

Now you can have windows that wash themselves

Now you can have windows that wash themselves

You do not wash your windows like this?

– This is a glass that is coated with a coating that dirt coagulates and flows when it rains. There are also sprays and other that can be applied, but these will eventually be washed off and must be applied again, says Bjørn Glenn Hansen, Director of Glass and Facade Association.

According to Bjørn Petter Jelle, researcher in Sintef Building Research, you will have to apply such coatings with between one and five years’ space.

May require a rare wash

However, self-cleaning glass does not require an extra wash occasionally. Some spots may need some help, but the glasses are designed to make the most of the work for us – and you can probably throw the needle.

It’s hard to say how often you have to clean the window – it depends, inter alia, on where you live and the climate there and what kind of dirt you get on the window, but you wash less often than before, says Jelle.

While someone is struggling with dirt from the traffic on windows, someone else gets the coating of salt on the box. According to Jelle, it can be difficult for the self-cleaning glasses to get rid of sand.

If you live in a place where you get a lot of sand on the windows, for example, the glass will not be able to get rid of everything.

Depends on weather and wind

A self-cleaning glass works in the way that UV rays activate a coating so that chemical bonds can break into organic compounds so dirt dissolves. Then the rain comes and blames it away. This glass coating is made hydrophilic, ie water retardant, so that a water film can, in principle, drain the glass while taking it dirty.

In other words, you need both dirt and water staining.

Another strategy for self-cleaning glass is to use superhydrophobic, that is, water repellent surfaces so that water splashes off at the same time it takes a nap, “says Jelle.

But they still require some jobs:

– Whatever kind of ice cream it is, the shit must be washed away. Whether it’s on a window, it’s a frame or frame around, and then the rain will not come in right there. The same applies, for example, if you have awnings. So it may be that you have to go out with the hose, “Hansen emphasizes.

If there are special stains that have settled, you may have to take a little scrub with cloth and soapy water, but otherwise the dirt will disappear by itself. Use common mild detergents designed for windows.

As good quality as other glasses

Although you need UV rays to charge the glass, fortunately, it does not mean that the windows in the shade must be washed as before. The glasses do not need direct sunlight. You also do not have to worry about gray-gray windows in winter, as it’s not all the sun’s rays of the world that exist until the coating is activated. At first-time activation, such a coating needs between five and seven days of solar radiation to function optimally.

Now you can have windows that wash themselves

These two do not mix

Self-cleaning glass should be as good glass as other glasses. The coating should be relatively durable and you will not be able to see it. However, you may notice that a little less solar radiation drops (up to five percent), and reflections in the glass are slightly clearer. The coating should have the same lifetime as the glass route – typically 25 years, according to Jelle – although this will be somewhat uncertain yet. You are also advised to be careful with silicone-based sealants and gaskets as these may damage the coating.

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