Now you can drop the key

Now you can drop the key.

Advice from Storebrand Insurance

  • Storebrand does not provide discounts for special lock types. But they recommend FG-approved locks and say they are safer.
  • Keep in mind that both keys and codes to the door must always be kept unavailable to others.
  • Be aware that many burglaries take place through patio doors and windows, and not through the front door – which is hidden from view.

(Source: Shazad Rafiq, Chief of Property of Storebrand)

Now you can drop the key

The keys to your home can be copied without you knowing it

– There is always someone who does not want all the electronics, so I do not think the key will be gone, “says locksmith Terje Jensen in Locktech Locksmith Locktech.

Nevertheless, the interest in electronic locks increases and they are no longer reserved for James Bond movies or office buildings.

There are countless solutions to choose from, but it’s probably smart to stay away from Ebay when buying a lock. This in terms of both security and insurance. Also check that the lock is insurance-approved.

However, only one keyless lock is FG-approved. That is, it has been approved by the Insurance Companies Approval Board, which may provide discounts at insurance companies, which can act as a quality assurance.

However, neither Storebrand, IF or Gjensidige provides any discount when using FG-approved locks, and there is therefore no requirement.

Nevertheless, you have a little to choose from:


Yale Doorman has been on the market for a while and has recently been tested and approved by the Insurance Companies Approvals Committee. The lock is a code lock, where you can also choose to use a keychain, remote control and app control. According to Morten Svendsen in Triovingo, up to now 60 have been sold. 000 of this lock.

– A minus with this is that there is no cylinder, something happens with the electronic you can struggle a bit, says Jensen in Locktech.

However, he tells you that if you were to get home to an empty battery, there are two poles on the back of the lock that you get locked up with. Another advantage is of course that you can do without keys and cards.

Opportunities to use the key

Other code locks can come with a cylinder and key, so you can unlock the old fashioned way if the electronic should strike. You can also create one-time codes with your mobile so that the craftsman gets his own code to let himself in.

Kristian Borud, a project manager in Kaba AS, also tells about fingerprint locks.

Here you do not need a key, code, chip or card. However, there may be ways to use code if the finger does not play completely, for example in the rain or on muddy children’s hands.

Comes with additional add-ons

With some of the locks on the market there are also big plans that have not yet been realized.

– Intelligent houses today have remote control of light and heat, and the question is whether this can be integrated into the lock. But exactly how it will be is unclear yet, “says Jensen.

You also have the option of selecting a lock where you can use other card formats.

– Then you can use the same card at work and at home, says Jensen.

With some locks you also get a remote control, for example you can mount in the living room so that you can lock all the door in the house from there.

With mobile management

With new keyless locks, you can also have the ability to control the lock from your mobile, for example, through an app. That way you can drop the electrician or the laundry and also check how many hours to pay them for. If the kids have forgotten the code, you can open the door for those from the office on the other side of the city. Such an app can also help you keep track of when your children get home from school.

Some locks can be integrated with the alarm system, allowing you to let people enter the house with the app even if the alarm is on.

Other locks can be connected to bluetooth so you can open the door with your mobile as long as you are within reach. Thus you can let the kids in while painting fences.

The key does not disappear

This is of course not the only one you can choose, even among Norwegian wholesalers. There is still something new, like sensor pieces you do not even need to pick up your pocket – it keeps getting in the door handle.

Now you can drop the key

These can prevent gas accidents

That many of us would prefer to drop the key, there is little doubt. Yale Doorman has sold 60. 000 copies, and according to Brorud, who is selling newbuildings, more and more brikker solutions are sold to new buildings today. The pieces can often be used on both the front door of the block and into the apartment and therefore a practical solution for housing companies.

– When keys are lost, they can not be deleted from a locking system, but the pieces can be broken, so the check is not a problem.

Locktech also has a keen interest in keyless locks of all kinds.

– Yes, there is a lot of interest in this. In a family of children, you can use the locks to enter the phone and unlock the children when they get home.

– It’s becoming more and more key to the younger generation.

However, none of the locksmiths believes that the key disappears completely with the first one.

– They will live for a hundred years. If the technology is wrong, they are good to have.

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