Dream house

Now the patio is white and romantic

Create a romantic patio with white, white and just white.

Now the patio is white and romantic

The watering loss that kills your plants

Plants here are less clogged

Now the patio is white and romantic

Create dream garden – in the living room

There is not much to do for a beautiful and romantic garden. Starting from some nice outdoor furniture and adding details like flowers, textiles and candles, you’re on your way.

A white bench full of soft blankets and pillows, preferably in white and lace, is the perfect choice for this adorable style. Place it in a sunny and warm place in the garden and you are ready to enjoy the garden life.

Romantic and lush oasis

If you are lucky enough to have a covered porch, you will quickly get to a living room. Use well with flowers and plants, making yourself the dullest patio for an oasis.

With all in white, you get a real romantic mood. Nostalgic jars, old furniture with patina and old-fashioned crop choices emphasize the style.

Decorate with margerites, prestekrager and nierembergia – a low-growing plant, which is also nice as a bottom deck. Top it all with a bird bath in stone, and enjoy a wonderful sound while enjoying yourself in your oasis.

Now the patio is white and romantic

ALTERNATIVE VASES: White flowers like knight spiders, virgin in green and veronica, in old enameled jugs provide a truly true rural feel to the living room. Photo: Ina Agency

Now the patio is white and romantic

BEAUTIFUL BUCKETS: Here the white roses are put a little deeper into the vase so that the fragile margerites come to their right. Green leaves surround the bouquet in the bottom and become a nice frame. Some pears seamlessly on the table are strangely enough effective decorating it as well. Photo: Ina Agency

Now the patio is white and romantic

A PLACE IN THE SUN: A so nice bench in white wrought iron you may need to find antique stores or online stores to find. However, a day bed can be easier to find and they are doing the same thing. Fill up with white pillows and blankets. Photo: Ina Agency

Shabby bouquet for evening kisses

With a bouquet you can easily and efficiently decorate outside. Pick a little of what you have in the garden, complete with finished bouquets from the store, and assemble to the best of your ability.

You can also make your own white-glazed flower jars. All you have to do is paint old terracotta jars with a thin layer of acrylic paint and a layer of paint paint over. When dry, paint a new layer of acrylic paint. Vips then you have nostalgic jars.

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Now the patio is white and romantic

LIGHT IN DARK: When twilight falls on, it is nice to light a thousand small lights. Hang old jam glass or other glass in steel wire and you can have a garden full of distinctive lights. Photo: Ina Agency

Now the patio is white and romantic

BORD DEKOR: A flower on the napkin creates summer feeling for a covered table, here you see a virgin in the green. Use teens and blondes to party and stick the flower through a little lace for extra decorations.. Photo: Ina Agency

Now the patio is white and romantic

SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: If you want the flower pot to match the outside area, you can wrap a nice fabric around them and tie with a nice ribbon. Photo: Ina Agency

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