Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

At the Liberty Boston hotel you can admire the architecture of what was previously a prison.

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

Making gold of gray stone is not an unusual concept of architecture and there are many examples of buildings that have started their lives as something completely different from what they have ended up.

Hotels are more likely to take a step further in terms of unique architecture and design than private homes.

In Boston on the east coast of the United States, a hotel that far from awakened some sense of luxury and cosiness when the building first became until the late 1800s.

Liberty Hotel, a five star luxury hotel right in the heart of the city, began its life like the infamous Charles Street Jail Prison.

When the prison opened in 1851, it was celebrated as an international model for prison architecture. Large windows opened in maximum light and ventilation, and each of the 220 cells had only one inserted.

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

ON CELLA: Now you can test how it feels like sleeping in a prison. Photo: Hotel

In 1973, having housed some of the East Coast’s worst and most notorious criminals for 120 years, the prisoners at Charles Street Jail rebelled because of what they declined as unworthy soning and living conditions.

Shortly thereafter, the prison was declared unsuccessful to house prisoners as it contravened the rights in relation to the conditions of zoning. But it was only in the summer of 1990 that the last prisoners were moved out of Charles Street Jail and over to a newer prison nearby.

New life as a hotel

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

ON CELLA: Enjoy dinner and a good night’s sleep in dramatic surroundings at the Loberty Hotel in Boston. Photo: Hotel

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

LANDEMERKE: The old Charles Street Jail is a well-known building for anyone with an affection in Boston. Photo: Hotel

A few years after the Charles Street Jail was laid down, the old brick building was declared worthy.

The old prison was bought up and the process of turning it into a hotel took five years and hundreds of millions of dollars.

The job required a team of architects and designers, in close cooperation with local historians and cultural workers, who should ensure that this landmark should not be deprived of its distinctive appearance and meaning.

The final result, according to the site of Cool Hunting, has been an exciting fusion between a historic building with deep roots in the city’s history and a dynamic new way of using urban urbanization, according to architects.

The granite exterior has been carefully taken care of and what once was the great central atrium in the midst of the prison has now become the hotel’s huge lobby.

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

FENGSLENDE: It’s an exciting meeting between old architecture and new use in the old prison. Photo: Hotel

History and Humor

Here you can admire the original walkways where the prison guards walked their rounds and in what has now become the hotel’s resturant you can sit in the old cells to enjoy a better dinner.

Richard Friedman, one of the main developers behind prison’s transformation into modern hotels, explains to the newspaper USA Today that for the architects, the job was to preserve as much of the building’s original character as possible, without the remarkable reminder of the building’s scary past prison.

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

GRAY AND GRU: In these times, prison guards once went round to make sure the prisoners behaved on their cells. Photo: Hotel

– Humor became an important weapon in this transformation, Friedman shouted.

Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

LUXURY: The lobby of Libert Hotel was once the atrium in the giant Charles Street Jail. Photo: Hotel – Something that explains the names of bars and restaurants inside the hotel.

Once upon a time, the fences’ airyard has become the hotel’s beautiful backyard. Within the old prison doors, the transformation is complete.

300 hotel rooms and 10 suites offer guests an experience that is far more comfortable and luxurious than the prisoners on Charles Street Jail without a doubt.

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Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

UNIC: The architects have preserved as much of the architecture of the old prison as possible. Photo: Hotel

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Notorious prison became a luxury hotel

CHECK IN: At the Liberty Hotel reception you can even hand out handcuffs if you wish. Photo: Hotel


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