«Not rated» «Bathroom from construction year» «Should be investigated»

Now housing cuts can end with reservations.

«Not rated» «Bathroom from construction year» «Should be investigated»

Today there is a dispute in almost 1 of 5 residential sales, according to the owner-shift insurance companies. 1400 cases after the divorce act are 17 years in all the courts.

It means a huge expense in the form of irritation, frustration, more work and lost dreams – in time, money, confidence and night’s sleep, writes the Consumer Council.

Today’s housing tax, which is the basis for trading millions, is full of reservations and hints. It can stand; “not investigated”, “recommend own investigations” or “no intervention in the construction”.

It seems to the Vice President, Thomas Bartholdsen, that the taxpayer has not moved furniture or furniture, but also reserves reservations about damages that the taxpayer has not seen.

However, it may seem that the professional director is heard. Recently, Standard Norge launched requirements for what a technical state-of-the-art analysis of housing should include and taxpayers and real estate agents have signed an agreement on better consumer information. From 2015, the old rate will end – and an extended state report will appear that will cause simple rates with button housing information to disappear.

Neutral Site

Association of Real Estate Enterprises (Eff), Norway’s Taxation Federation (NTF) and NITO Tariffs, at the same time, strengthen the independence of the industry between. They establish in community a scheme where consumers should choose the taxpayer himself. Sellers who have not made a choice before contacting a real estate agent refer to a neutral website where they can search for taxpayers, it is stated in a joint press release.

– We have worked for this for many years. The industry and the brokerage industry will be praised for their agreement. We could of course have thought of a completely different arrangement around the tour, but we still see this as a big win, “says Thomas Bartholdsen to

Disappointed by the ministry

– But it is disappointing that the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning has not entered a regulation that such reports should be mandatory in all housing sales, he continues. Because there is no law that indicates that you must have a home sales report. Eff has said that their members will use this, but not everyone who is members there, neither any real estate agent, attorneys and private individuals who want to sell a home themselves.

For, the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Affairs presents the industry’s own initiative and will continue to discuss this matter in the ministry.

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