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Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

If you are tempted to turn up the temperature, the gain will disappear with the heat pump.

Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

Gradients begin to crawl below zero in most places, and this means need to ensure a good indoor temperature. By far the majority do this by means of electricity, either directly with panel heaters or indirectly through heat pump. And the proportion of those who install heat pump rises for each year.

According to a survey conducted by Statistics Norway, it is the economic gain that motivates people to install heat pumps. The challenge is that the gain often disappears, simply because it changes heating behavior and relieves more heat comfort.

“The results indicate that development has been largely driven by cost considerations. Households have invested in heat pumps for economic reasons to save fuel costs and / or increase comfort without increasing costs, “the researchers write in Statistics Norway’s Economic Analysis 2/2013.

To the Site Hegnar. no told a heat pump owner that he cut out the heat pump simply because it did not give any profit and also led to a larger power bill.

– It’s not necessarily as comfortable as letting the heat pump do the job, but in return, you save both electricity and money, he stated to the site.

So what do you do to get the prize with a heat pump?

It’s all about being aware of how to use the heat pump and do not overestimate the pump’s heating performance.

– Warm up only parts of the house

Jørn Stene is associate professor at NTNU, and employed by COWI AS, a consultancy firm for heat pumps. He is clear that an air / air heat pump is not meant to cover the entire heating requirement in a home.

– It is important that it warms the most important, primarily the living rooms. One should think of zones and also be aware of temperature cuts in periods when the home is not in use, he says to clicks. no.

– If, after installing air / air heat pump, try to heat a larger part of the housing than before, the result may be heat loss, because the hot air from the pump comes out to the outside of the home, which usually has a lower temperature. This again causes an inefficient cooling of the air. In particular, this is significant in older homes that are poorly isolated.

Forward Heat

Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

Choose the right watts, lumen and kelvin

According to Stene, an air / air heat pump is meant to cover up to 70 percent of the annual space heating requirement. The rest will be covered by other heat sources, so called heat or supplementary heat.

– Additional heat is important when it comes to heat pumps. For example, if panel heaters are essential, they are modern with good thermostats.

What you do is to set the heat pump at 20 to 21 degrees, and then put the oven to a few degrees lower. That way, the panel heats when the heat pump fails to deliver sufficient heat on cold days.

Such a warming behavior is also confirmed by the analysis that Statistics Norway has made. “Another important finding in this study is that it is only households that have many different alternative sources of heat that, on average, consume less power than households that do not have heat pump. This indicates that it is important to have alternatives to electricity in the heating through a cold Norwegian winter in order to fully benefit from the energy potential that exists in the heat pump, “the researchers write..

Best in mild climate

Enova has set up several prerequisites to get the greatest possible benefits from a heat pump. According to them, the air / air heat pump is best suited for those who:

  • Has a total energy consumption of over 15. 000 kWh per year
  • Live in an area of ​​mild winters or have long heating season
  • Has an open floor plan, allowing the heat to be distributed freely to the rooms you want to warm up
  • Living in a home where it is not appropriate to re-insulate or replace windows (because it has been done before or because the accommodation is so new that this is not needed)
  • Has alternative heat sources for the coldest periods.
Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

What do you think is the fastest, with or without lid?

“The main requirement for new housing in the technical regulation of 2010 is that about half of the energy requirements for heating water and housing can be covered by energy supply other than electricity and oil / gas”, they write.

Unobstructed hot air distribution

According to Enova, a heat pump works best when it can send the hot air as much as possible. “From the interior, the heat should be spread to other rooms fairly freely. If the house has two or more planes, the house may be f. example. placed on the lower level of the house near an open staircase, “they write on their pages.

This is also emphasized by Stene, which also points out that you should run the heat pump with day and night thinking where appropriate.

Properly positioned outside

Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

Looks expensive – but you can afford

But it’s not just the inside that should be placed as appropriate, nor should the outset be set up arbitrarily. “Proper placement of outdoor equipment is essential for trouble-free operation and a long-term energy savings result”.

The correct location is according to the Norwegian Heating Pump Association’s website, Heat pump info. no, also about conditions like vibration, sound, drainage and shielding and air flow.

Now new rules have been set regarding the installation of heat pump. They imply that only certified persons can mount. “When purchasing a heat pump, both the company and the person installing the facility must be F-gas certified”, writes Heating Pump Info. no.

Great win at the right time

If you follow the instructions for the most efficient use of the air / air heat pump, there will be a lot of thousands of patches to get in reduced power costs. – A good air / air heat pump costs around 25,000 kroner and if you use it properly, it can save up to 50 percent on your heating needs, Stene explains..

Click. no have counted on this earlier and found that you can save up to 5000 kroner depending on the climatic conditions and the length of the heating season.

Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

CORRECT ASSEMBLY: It is now a requirement that the heat pump be installed by certified fitters, known as F-approval. Photo: Miba AS

– But if you increase the room temperature and the heating area, it will reduce the gain, explains Stene.

Not everyone is serving on the heat pump

The things that remotely control your house

Support from Enova

Enova provides support for those who want to upgrade their homes and convert to more energy efficient heating.

In essence, they provide support for the following purposes:

  • Energy Counseling
  • Upgrading of housing
  • Oil jelly phase
  • Elimination of electricity. heating
  • Collector
  • varmestringssystem

Read more on Enova’s pages.

According to the encoder of Akershus Enøk and Inneklima AS, a temperature change of two degrees will lead to a further consumption of around 1200 kWh. For a townhouse located on the coast of southern Norway, this increase will be according to the click. No’s calculations almost eat up the gain with the heat pump. Then we have calculated a depreciation period of 12 years, an investment cost of 25,000 kroner and an annual average temperature of 6.1 degrees. In colder regions, with greater heating needs, there will still be a gain to gain at a temperature rise of two degrees.

– Spends a lot of energy because they set on Auto

Another factor that can reduce the gain of a heat pump is by setting “Auto”.

– An important reason why heat pumps use a lot of energy is that they are on “Auto”. This can cause the heat pump to start cooling when you fire in the fireplace or the oven, and it cools in the summer, often without the owner aware of this, Professor NTNU, Trygve Magne Eikvik, points to clicks. no.

– Most let the heat pump stand on “Auto” and have an unconscious relationship with this.

Regular Maintenance

Another factor that, according to Stene, also affects the gain, is the maintenance of the heat pump.

– I’ve been in air / air heat pumps where the filter in the interior was completely full of dust. It almost did not deliver heat at all and the plant had poor operating conditions. Therefore, the heat pump must be maintained regularly with vacuum cleaner of the filter and check that the outdoor unit is not covered with snow.

Selection of heat pump

According to the heat pump info. No, the first is that you buy a heat pump that is both adapted to the Norwegian climate and your own needs. Basically there are three types of heat pumps to choose from: Air / air heat pump, air / water heat pump and water / water heat pump.

The Consumer Council has set up a guide on how to choose the right air / air heat pump. They ask you to consider the following three factors: How big is your energy requirement, what annual temperature is where you live and how cold is it average in January?

When this is done, heat pump information is available. no to go through the following checklist:

  • Does the supplier have a good reputation? Ask for references.
  • Installation should always be done by professionals, preferably certified, for all types of heat pumps.
  • Is your dealer / installer member of the Norwegian Heating Pump Association?
  • Enter a written contract and include all promises from the dealer.
  • Service, guarantees, and access to expert assistance are also important for the overall economy.
  • Verify that the dealer has enough spare parts in stock so that it is possible to repair the facility immediately if a cold winter day is encountered.

They also emphasize that you should avoid buying heat pumps from sellers who come to the door.

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