Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

The architectural villa White House just west of Oslo is shown in Wallpaper and is celebrated by design and architecture enthusiasts in many countries.

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

The spectacular 196 square meter white detached house is twisted to fit the neighboring houses and the owners’ desire for maximum sea views.

– In addition to stretching towards the water to the south, the house also opens to the pine forest in the north. It was therefore the consideration of these two main gaps that largely guided the concept of the project, expands architect Håkon Vigsnæs in Jarmund&Vigsnæs architects.

A variety of houses and cottages that give you hake leak

He and his colleagues have previously also been noted with other spectacular projects.

Among other things, with a practical and space-efficient ski hut in Nordmarka, a modern residence by Mjøsa dressed with recycled materials and a triangular Nesodden villa, far from A 4.

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

Timeless Style: White House also has full opening to the woods. This is cool architecture that never goes out of fashion. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Cult with white and white

The name of the house, White House, is otherwise derived from the fact that the housing is white paint both on the outside and inside.

This is done in order to some extent adapt to the area’s skipper-like wooden houses.

Long-term and encrypted

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

OPEN IN THE HIGH SEA: The sun gets flame unharmed into the open space zones in the center of the house. Photo: Ivan Brodey

The house is a so-called complex building and is shaped like an elongated rectangle that is drawn in and shrunk in the middle.

It has two terraces. The south-west is slightly elevated to give the inhabitants extra good views of the fjord.

Oak on the walls

Inside walls and ceilings on the first floor are covered with oak – a durable wood material that only fades over time.

Floors and individual walls in the floor below are made of concrete cast on site.

White House in Wallpaper

The architect says that this house was built with a limited budget and that both this and various building engineering regulations affected the result.

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

EXPERIENCE: The kitchen and dining area has a huge view of the neighborhood and inner Oslo fjord. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

SECURE ELEGANCE: No thing can be measured with the simple elegance of modern interiors. Flat-molded, untreated concrete in the house’s first floor. Photo: Ivan Brodey

– These moments just inspired us and gave us a sense of freedom, said Vigsnæs to Wallpaper, as this home was featured in this international trend-leading magazine in 2007.

Wallpaper has also covered the breadth of new Norwegian architecture on one occasion.

– The lines of the house were chosen according to how the houses around looked and how they lay in the terrain. Getting the morning sun far into the home was also one of our main goals, said Vigsnæs for Wallpaper.

International Success

If we manage to make our buildings different from time to time, while not as easily recognizable as signed by us, we have reached our goal, “says Håkon Vigsnæs..

In several rounds, Jarmund & Vigsæs has made it clear in international rankings of the world’s leading architectural offices.

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

FINALLY COMPLETE: The dark tree matches the otherwise bright interior in an excellent way. Photo: Ivan Brodey

They have been voted the best in the Nordic region and belong to the world’s forty best offices. The White House has also toured the earth through the exhibition “Lost in nature”.

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

THE CREATIVE TEAM: From the left architects Einar Jarmund, Allessandra Kosberg and Håkon Vigsnæs. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Norwegian villa is celebrated internationally

Photo: Drawing: Jarmund&Vigsnæs

Vikitg Capital

– Of course, it is difficult to rank architectural quality, but positive attention is an important capital, also for us architects, said architect Einar Jarmund to D2 a while ago.

He says it’s interesting to note that the buildings do not need to be particularly big or expensive to be appreciated and that of course it is fun to lead an.

It is exciting and highly deserved that these architects receive international recognition, commented Eva Madshus, senior curator at the National Museum.

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