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Norway’s smallest detached house

25 square meters living space. Is there a smaller detached house in Norway? Submit tips with pictures.

Norway's smallest detached house

Norway's smallest detached house

LOVE SELLER: Here you do not try to give the impression that there is anything other than it is. It’s a tiny little home with renovation needs. Photo: Screenshot. Find.com

Norway's smallest detached house

Light chandelier follows the house when you sell the home

Norway's smallest detached house

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Norway's smallest detached house

How to handle the house

Norway's smallest detached house

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Small apartments are nice, but a house that almost fits inside a living room is hardly a lot of.

At Tofte in Hurum, Real Estate Agent 1 in Smoke for Sale has what may be Norway’s smallest detached house. According to Finn. no, it is 25 square meters and contains entrance / kitchen, living room, hallway / wardrobe and toilet / bath.

– The property is in a nice area and it is easy to build the site, and that is probably the one that has the greatest value, says real estate agent in Eiendomsmegler 1, Kjetil Rygge, to click. no.

Do you know about a house that’s even smaller? Send a picture and a small text to us.

Supplementary Requirements

The property in Tofte in Hurum has been used as a cottage, but is located in an area that is regulated for housing.

– We sell it as a full-year residence, and because it is located in a residential area, it would be wrong to sell it as a cottage, explains Rygge.

One hour to Oslo

According to the sales task, the standard is standard on the house and it is winter insulated. There is also a short distance to the sea and the beach.

Rygge, however, assumes that a prospective buyer will consider tearing up the existing building and setting up a new building.

– Those who buy will probably need to build something bigger.

And those who consider the place will know that it takes an hour to Oslo, while Drammen is less than 40 minutes away.

Norway's smallest detached house

PERLE IN SKIEN: This small house of 33 square meters, which is sort of in Skien, is described as a gem and the owner has furnished the house with the big pietet. Photo: DnB NOR Property

Pearl of the Skies

DnB NOR has for sale what they call a gem in Skien, and they think this may be the city’s smallest detached house. The living space is 33 square meters.

The person who buys the house will get a home with cultural history.

– The house dates back to the 1800s and is located in the historic part of Skien, says real estate agent in DnB NOR Eiendom, Janne Berner-Mediaas, to click. no.


The property in Skien has been featured in the interior magazine Maison under the title “Mikroliv i Skien”.

– This is certainly a charming property. The seller has been good at decorating and the plot is so small that you can use lawnmower on the lawn, describes Berner-Mediaas.

She believes the house will be a good option for those who are in apartment hunting.

– But this is not a house for those who will have everything in the water, and so the ascension to the sleeping shed is quite steep.

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