Norway’s most exciting mountain hotel?

Turtagrø Hotell is Norway’s cinderella’s cradle and attracts mountain goats from all continents.

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

The whole house is built as a bookcase

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

This is a house

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

This hotel never forgets

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

Middle Stack is world class architecture

A few years ago, the venerable main building of the Turtagrø Hotel was the fame of the Flames.

For all the enjoyment of all mountain-lovers, the legendary site is rebuilt in state-of-the-art.

The special, English-red main building knees a little back from the highway over Sognefjellet.

And still, ten years after fresco, this modern construction company has signed Jarmund&Vigsnæs architects for debate about bad and pretty.

– Both the peaks and the old Swiss-style annexe inspired us when we designed the hotel, “says Håkon Vigsnæs.. no.

The new building is both compact and area-efficient, and it resembles a ship in an endless landscape.

The grandeur of the entrance is thought of as a tribute, a warm welcome to the climbers returning from the mountains.

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

SUNSET ON TOPPS: The sun sets over the area at Fanaråken. It may not be a bomb to tell that the architects had the mountains around as inspiration when they designed the new Turtagrø Hotel. Hurrungane is one of Norway’s most alpine areas. 24 of the peaks in this wild landscape are over 2000 moh. The hotel has provided a separate map book that shows both light and more demanding routes in the area. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

New to Old

Turtagrø was old from a stopover on the mountain transition between Lom ved Vågavannet and Skjolden i Luster.

In the 1870-1880s, mountain troops and reinjeger Ole Berge gave shelter and food for mountain lovers on their stroll in this area.

Ibsen and Grieg on the guest list

During this time Berge suffered several times for the expeditions of the great pioneers in Norwegian mining, the Englishman William Cecil Slingsby.

Henrik Ibsen also visited the place and Edvard Grieg played here several times.

Simple and solid

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

FREQUENTLY CONTRASTED: Rude modernism against old lace architecture. In the annexe there are also a number of guest rooms. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

TOP PUMPS SCREEN LINES: Here you can wake up and look right at your favorite climbing top. And what’s like Hurrungane in the morning sun? Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

TINDESPORTENS VUGGE: The first Turtagrø Hotel was built in 1888. Unfortunately, this beautiful Swiss style building became the flames of roving a few years ago. Here we see the plant approximately. 1945. Photo: Turtagrø Hotel

It goes without saying that the modern interior of such a hotel must be simple and solid and easy to clean.

That’s why the furnace is on the walls and the floors are painted with several coats durable oil paint. The roofs were first sparkled and so painted.

Durable carpet

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

PIONEER IN HIGHLIGHTS: Ladies on the move had a different outfit in the old days. Many of our female mountain and climbing republics went their first routes in Hurrungane. Photo: Turtagrø Hotel

This is also not the place for wall-to-wall carpets. Therefore, we bought woven hair straighteners with a special pattern. They are hard-wearing, and can withstand the crowd of mountain people.

Adventure for everyone

– Many think we only have activities for dumbbells. It is not true. We have marked routes in light terrain, cave hikes and bridges with stupid mountain guides from the Norwegian Guides on the program, says former CEO Laila Hjellvoll.

Beautiful blue flower on the edge

The name torn comes from the almost meter-high plant. It is a beautiful blue flower, as it is a good part of this up, especially around the old seagulls.

Unique Library

The hotel eventually gained a large and unique book collection as well as letters, magazines and photos from Norwegian and international mining.

Recognizing knowledge

After the fire in 2001, which left the library in ash, Turtagrøs Friends were founded.

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

FRISK MIKS: The solid furniture and furnishings are supplied by Br. Andersen’s furniture knife and Sognatre. The sparkling images of the artist Marianne Heske adorn the walls. Here they fit perfectly! Photo: Nils Petter Dale

This association aims, among other things, at rebuilding the mountain literature on the spot. Currently the collection contains 1400 books and 600 journals.

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

FELLESSPORT IN THE HOUSES: The rebuilt tindesport library has many goodies to offer. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Great prize winner

When the Turtagrø Hotel was honored with the Velux Prize in 2003, the jury stated:

The project is brilliant solved. Here light and air are brought into the building, and from the bedroom section with skylights, the climbers can view their favorite mountain tops from the bed; before or after climbing rods in the pointed peaks.

President of the Norwegian Red Cross, Thorvald Stoltenberg, awarded the hotel Fjellskikprisen in 2005.

– The site has helped raise knowledge both about the dangers and opportunities for deployment in the Norwegian mountain world, he said in his speech.

See what’s happening on Turtagrø:

Norway's most exciting mountain hotel?

CREATIVE TEAM: The architects Jarmund&Vigsnæs are behind the hotel project. From v. Einar Jarmund, Alessandra Kosberg and Håkon Vigsnæs. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Full nail:

Rubber rag: fan

Steep mountain guides: The Norway Guides. no

Big screen under the stars: mountain film. no

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