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Norway’s 10 finest baths are voted

In the competition for Norway’s Dream Club there were over 200 contributions submitted. Boligdrøm has considered how inviting the bathrooms are, how much they are decorated and to what extent they are a dream bath. These went to the top.

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

In search of Norway’s Dream Room, the interior magazine BoligDrøm arranged a competition from 27. February to 1. April. BoligDream asked his readers and followers on Instagram to submit or take a photo of his bathroom. After receiving over 200 contributions, BoligDrøm has now won 10 winners, each of which has Norway’s Dream Bath. The assessment has taken into account where the inviting bathroom is, how comprehensive it is and how much it is a dream shared by many. Earlier this year, Boligdrøm voted 10 winners of Norway’s Dream Kitchen.

The winners of Norway’s dream home 2014 (instagram user in brackets):

1. space: Benedicte Andreassen (ellevilldesign)

2. space: Alice Voraa (allymary80)

3. space: Kine Vinje (villavinje)

4. – 10. space (alphabetical):

Anne Lise Larsen (email participant)

Denise Wolframm (the_diana_house)

Ida Mari Meland (inspiration_by_ida)

Lise Mari Jacobsen (Everyday Happiness)

Marianne Gauslå (email participant)

Mona Tafjord (Monaeilen)

Therese Andreassen (frulavendel)

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

CLASSIC: Alice Voraas got 2. room for its completed bath in timeless, classic style. Photo: allymary80

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

FEMININT: Kine Vinje wins 3. room for its delicate bathroom with nice harmony between choice of materials and accessories. Photo: Villavinje

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

Timeless: Denise Wolframm has created a bright and delicious dream bath with the bathtub as a gauntlet. Photo: the_diana_house

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

MODERN: Ida Mari Meland has used the decorative modules creatively and created an exciting spa room with several zones and high dream factor. Photo: Inspiration_by_ida

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

MESSAGE: Anne Lise Larsen has impressed the classic style of the fingertips. Photo: Anne Lise Larsen

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

LAG: Mona Tafjord has dared to bet on untraditional colors and materials. The result was lunatic and adventurous. Photo: Monaeilen

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

PERSONAL: Marianne Gauslå received specially designed mosaic tiles with angel motif to create her dream bath, the result is a personal bathroom with warm atmosphere. Photo: Marianne Gauslå

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

LANDLIG: Lise Mari Jacobsen’s bathroom has a clean, nostalgic style that is irresistible in all its simplicity. Photo: Everyday Happiness

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

ROMANTIC: Therese Andreassen has created a charming bathroom with attention to detail. Photo: Frulavendel

Prize draw

Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

Budget budget

We voted 10 winners, one of which 1. 2. and 3. place. The winners were prized with four towels from Georg Jensen Damask. The main winner also won two kimonos from Georg Jensen Damask. 1. -3. space also won a set of Menu Bath, which consists of 1 pedal bucket, 1 shower brush, 1 soap pump and 1 toothbrush holder.

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Norway's 10 finest baths are voted

PREMIER: The set Bath from Menu, Kimono and luxury handbags by Georg Jensen Damask, was among the prizes. Photo: the manufacturer

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDj78e7eGfc

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