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No, you can not have that wall in the living room

There are rules for how close to a pipe you can place combustible material. Can you?

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

A fireplace is too many an important part of a personal home. But a fireplace and a pipe also means that you must be aware of fire safety, and in many cases it is a matter of circumstances that you do not think about.

In the case of the pipe there are several conditions to be watched for.

– In general, it’s about keeping track of changes in the pipes, and this is especially important in the case of old brick scrapers, says the section head of the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service, Martin Bloma, to bonytt. no.

Our experience is that the vast majority of pipes are correctly set up initially, but that afterwards it may often happen that the house owner makes structural changes and measures that cause the pipes to no longer be appropriate, such as combustible materials and coatings until or too close to the pipe, or f. example. that piping for smoke pipes from ildsted is not performed properly, says senior consultant at SINTEF Building Research, Jan Christian Krohn, to bonytt. no.

Slurv leads to insurance termination

According to the Regulations on Fire Prevention and Supervision, the homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the fireplace and pipe are in proper condition.

– Incorrect use of pipes is often about ignorance, but when it comes to old pipes with visual defects, such as cracks, it can be said that it is a deliberate act not to provide adequate maintenance, Bloma expands..

And according to the Finnish Criminal Court case file, there are several cases where the fire cause is caused by negligence from homeowners, and where this has had to accept a shortening in the insurance payment.

Bookshelves to the pipe

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

This should be the minimum for all bedrooms

When the housing department in Oslo Municipality is out of control, they discover many pipe vacancies.

– In addition to old pipes that require maintenance, we see many cases of pipe and firewall cover, and it’s illegal, Bloma says..

Among other things, people put bookshelves and cabinets all the way to the pipe, which could lead to a fire hazard.

According to fire regulations, it should be at least 23 centimeters from the inside of the fire pipe and to combustible material. Alternatively, ensure that the temperature of combustible material standing adjacent to the chimney does not exceed room temperature by more than 65 degrees.

In the case of element pipes, the distance between the pipe surface and combustible material shall be at least 10 cm.

Tap the pip

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

THREAT INTO FIREWALL: Tegl has high heat conductivity, and it may cause fire hazard to add combustible material to. Photo: The housing section of the Fire and Rescue Service

Other forms of cover that the sweep of the housing section detects are pipes that are either taped or wrapped with other materials.

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

You do not have one in the bedroom?

– The rules here are quite clear, a pipe or firewall must not be covered with combustible material, Bloma emphasizes.

– And first and foremost, this is about ignorance of homeowners.

May cause fire

Wrong mist may in the worst case lead to fire.

– For example, if you insert a new fireplace and make a new hole for the smoke pipe, the old hole should be properly sealed.. If it is not done, it may cause what we call smoke fumes into the room, and in the worst case it can lead to a fire, Bloma describes.

– In cases where a pipe is leaked and a pipe fires, the fire may spread through the fractures to the rooms connected to the pipeline.

According to Bloma, smaller cracks can be replenished by the individual, but major remedial work should be left to a professional.

– And if you do the small work yourself, you should have a sweep to look at the work afterwards.

Bricklayers a Challenge

According to Jan Christian Krohn, the brick wiper which is the biggest challenge is pure fire safety.

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

COVER: Piper shall under no circumstances be built or otherwise covered. Photo: The housing section of the Fire and Rescue Service

– Element pipes are usually properly installed and are well insulated against combustible material, he explains.

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

Innbo covers symmetry

– I think people generally understand that one should not dress a brick pipe but what one might forget is that the back of a firewall, for example, if it looks in an adjacent room can not be wrapped.

The fact that brick scrapers are a major challenge than element pipes is that they have higher thermal conductivity.

However, the high thermal conductivity will, after long periods of heavy firing, provide wood ignition in contact with the chimney, “writes Oslo Fire and Rescue Service on its website.

Request additional supervision

If you are unsure whether the pipes and the surrounding area are in accordance with the regulations, you may request an additional sweeping inspection.

– The regular cycle for an audit is four years, but homeowners can request an extra visit from us during this period, Bloma says.

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

SPARKS IN SKORSTEIN: Such cracks can be flammable, because they can, among other things, cause a pipeline to blow into adjacent rooms. Photo: The housing section of the Fire and Rescue Service

In Oslo, such supervision costs up to NOK 1,600, and in addition to the annual sweeping fee.

No, you can not have that wall in the living room

This is fatal

– The exception is if first-time milling of the pipeline is to be carried out, Bloma adds.

Pipefresing means that the chimney is cleaned for beksot that has been attached to the pipeline.

Check the error week when buying a home

A condition report and tariff will usually not contain detailed information about the chimney condition. So, if you are in doubt about this when taking a home, you should check with the feather service when the last inspection was carried out.

– In general, you should look at the error box to see if there is a lot of soot or piper residue in the bottom.

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