No, the house is not falling

The neighbors were both very enthusiastic and very skeptical.

No, the house is not falling

Some architecture just glides into the surroundings in a very humble way, another architecture again takes a shot and shoots out and announces that here I am, you just have to accept me as I am. Built to the family of children in Trondheim is such. It represents a clear breach of the entire building style of the neighborhood, in such a way that it created both enthusiasm and great skepticism, according to the architects, TYIN drawing room.

– Added tests the limits of what is acceptable within the building standards. The feedback from the neighborhood has tipped against both ends of the scale, from very positive to very skeptical, architect Yashar Hanstad tells the click. no.

– The existing building represents its time of construction in a nice way, but the builder still wanted the extension to give something different, something more fun and exciting.

And the owners are almost exalted. It could not be better.

– We have not only got more space, the house has got a face. We love it! “, Tom-Erik Kroknes is opposed to clicks. no.

Highly Thinks

When you get out of the house, you almost get the impression that the extension tipped over. But the forward-looking facade has its very purpose beyond just having design qualities.

– What was controlling was the space requirement. The main investment was to be in the room upstairs in another storehouse, while the first floor only had entrance and a bathroom and laundry room. And perhaps the most important was the homeland, which is the children’s playground. And the place has become such a success that the loft has also become the favorite place for children’s friends, explains Hanstad.

No, the house is not falling

BREAK: The page clearly shows how the extension breaks with the existing style. Photo: Pasi Aalto

No, the house is not falling

NEW AND OLD: The original building is from the 50’s, while the extension was completed in 2014. The more than fifty years appear clearly in the two completely different forms of expression. In connection with the listing of the extras, the owner was replaced by both the outerwear and the roofing of the old house. Photo: Pasi Aalto

Needed more area

No, the house is not falling

You have not seen these steps

The origin of the extension was that the owners wanted more area. The house was from 1961 and had an area of ​​about 120m2 and felt gradually cramped, not least after two twin boys were born.

– We wanted an extra living room and a smarter solution with wardrobe, toilet and laundry room close to the front door, says Kroknes.

The boys also played and play a lot on this side of the house, and we felt that we had little contact with what was happening outside the way it was. But with the large windows in the enclosure it has changed completely.

Called in to the municipality

The built-up represented a distinctive breakthrough both with the original building, but also with the buildings around. It was therefore not only the neighbors who had objections, but the municipality also wants a conversation about the project.

– We were invited to a meeting to explain how we thought the project was within the aesthetics section of the Planning and Building Act, says Hanstad.

– We believe that architecture should have an opinion and express something, and the extension represents a violation of the monotonous incision that is common in this type of house from the 1950s. The house therefore stands out in an otherwise very traditional Norwegian neighborhood.

The municipality accepted their arguments and the project got its intended design, which by some has been described as tough and creative.

A building that works

No, the house is not falling

CHILDREN HOME: An important element in the order from the builder was that the children should have their own loft. And it’s become so popular that their classmates think it’s very cool to come to visit. Photo: Pasi Aalto

According to Hanstad, the constructive contrast is also about giving the architecture a readability in a time context.

No, the house is not falling

The architect had to accommodate 17. 000 books and one grand piano

“Building a new building on a permanent building offers many opportunities, and it’s all about the degree of contrast in the team to the original.

At the same time, some of the important things for the family have been that the extension works. And they have been very clear about it. I live in the neighborhood and when I pass the house, I can see the children playing on the loft, which tells me it has become a room they needed.

– The day has grown longer

Another aspect that was emphasized by the owners was the lighting conditions of the existing building. They describe that they were often surprised at how much it was only when they came out.

– It was thus a wish of us to get more light into the house. The sun looks around the corner already at lunch times and stays on that side until it descends closer to 2100, meaning it was a lot of light we missed. Now we find that our day has in many ways been longer. It is delicious.

Ecological Principles

Another factor in the design of the extension was that the architects wanted the least possible ground pressure while maximizing the space on the second floor.

No, the house is not falling

BACKGROUND: Both walls and ceilings are covered with plywood that is attached with visible, small bolts. Plywood is chosen because it has good moisture regulating ability. Photo: Pasi Aalto

No, the house is not falling

Close-up of the fixing of the plywood slabs. Photo: Pasi Aalto

– It was also a wish from the builder that the outside covering should be maintenance-free, so it was used naturally treated pine. Inside, we chose veneer plates of birch on the walls, because they regulate the moisture in the room in a good way. And so we are not so happy about plasterboard with regard to the energy record in production, “explains Hanstad.

No, the house is not falling

In this glass box, the children keep

The architect took charge of the entire project

Usually an architect stands for the design, while an entrepreneur is responsible for the entry of the building. In this project, TYIN drawing room took charge of everything, and that with the builder’s clear resemblance.

– Homeowners were confident we could do our crafts and gave us more or less free hands. And for the first time we took on the role of a contractor. That way, we gained full control over the entire implementation of the project. This gave us the opportunity to provide the best possible quality, and the methodology confirmed that close monitoring of projects is the key to achieving the results we want, Hanstad expands..

No, the house is not falling

VINDUS FLATS: The built-in has several large windows that provide a good light emission. Photo: Pasi Aalto

Highly satisfied owners

No, the house is not falling

Snowy roof had a brilliant idea to get light into the old boathouse

– The owners of the house are one of the most satisfied customers we have had, says Yashar Hanstad, and emphasizes that their role as architects is, among other things, to dimension the space of a building to suit the needs of the opponent.

– Our view is that much of what is being built is in traditional style, which in many cases works poorly but still does not react because the building has a traditional recognizable form, Hanstad and Legegr describe that it is often so that the builder wants more space than is necessary.

Therefore, this extension might have had the same arelaet on both the first and second floors, but with the sloping facade, the architects broke out of the traditional straight-up and down tank and gave the second floor a larger area because this should be the center of the extension.

No, the house is not falling

TRAP IN THE LIGHT AIR: A creative step is to let the stairs up to the loft start from the combined seat bench and the mood solution. It creates an impression that the staircase hangs in the loose air. There are also handrails on the right side of the stairs, but it was temporarily removed during the shooting. Photo: Pasi Aalto

And the Kroknes family is very pleased with the way it has become.

No, the house is not falling

Here the kids can slide between the floors

– One of the things we are most pleased with is the feeling the room offers. I do not know if it is the relationship between choice of material, design or area and volume, but the room feels very good to be in. Good lighting conditions, good acoustics and good air. A comfortable room, says Kroknes.

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No, the house is not falling

LIGHT PREG: With the clear light from the windows and the use of veneer plates, it creates a bright and light feel, reinforced by the glass used as a railing on the loft. Photo: Pasi Aalto

No, the house is not falling

CONTRASTS: Both in color use in the entrance area, the sloping façade and the outerwear breaks, clearly broadened the general style of the neighborhood. Photo: Pasi Aalto


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