No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

Furnishings of bedrooms with different styles

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

How to get the style

Whether you’re going to brush up your bedroom or just be on an inspirational hunt, these four bedrooms from Bonytt are lovely to rest your eyes on.

All four are widely different, and almost whatever your taste, you’ll find something you like.

Below you can inspire light blue walls with a strong contrast in blue, Gustavian style with wallpaper and classic furnishings, fresh and lush style with textiles and natural materials and dark mystery with a glamorous sprinkle.

One thing is for sure; The bedroom trends for 2016 are maximalistic – both in terms of furniture and textiles.

Have fun!

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Blue eye catcher

Bright walls and white painted floors make the blue colors get the full attention of stylist Tone Kroken. But probably it must turn a new favorite color next season.

When the interior designer Tone Kroken was going to decorate her bedroom, it was important for her to keep it light, airy and delicate. The solid ceiling height gave her good help on the road, but the stylist also had some tricks on her hand.

– I chose to use blinds instead of curtains. Heavy fabrics in the window can make the room feel smaller. I also put legs on the bed so that it did not get so high. A low bed gives an illusion of greater ceilings, says Kroken to the magazine Bonytt.

Color choices, light fabrics and pillows are also important when the hook fits on the home. With light walls, white painted floors and a dust blanket, the room appears just as delicate as she wants. But contrasts are important and she has put her love on a saturated blue color.

And right now, it plays the lead role in the room. But the interior designer likes to change the details and colors, and suddenly one day the chair is turned to the dining room table in the living room. The blue color that goes back in the bedroom was chosen on the basis of the bedcloth, which is also one of Krok’s tricky solutions.

– It’s actually the bedspread that puts the colors for this time. I dropped a skirt for a velvet style from Mulberry, and wanted to sew a bedcloth off it. Since it was quite expensive, I sew a robe on a regular sheet, and so I did not have to buy metal fabric with textile.

It’s the mix of used and new that gives the room soul and warmth. The style calls the hook for Bohemian. In fact, only one piece of furniture is bought in the bedroom, it’s the blue Eames chair.

How to get the style of Tone Crochet

Mix used, new and home-made. The interior of the hook is a random mix of things she has picked up on her way. Something has she got and something she has bought cheaply or used. Decorated with fabrics in different materials and with different textures. The hook, for example, combines wool, linen and velvet together to create tension in the interior.

Mix materials. Coarse woodwork is a great contrast if combined with smooth surfaces like marble and glass.

Emphasize the color usage. Let the large flats have bright colors and earth tones, and break up with an accent color, such as blue, as in the room of the hook.

Choose light floors. The hook seems white floors do a lot with a room and painted the floor white to create a bright and airy environment.

Back to the past

The newly built bedroom reminds me most of an old French castle.

But we are not in France, even in a 19th century castle. We are at Torshov in Oslo, home at the hospital and interior consultant Anitha Trier.

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

DUST AND DELICATE: 1. Most of the room of the Tone is either inherited or purchased used. The only exception is the blue Eames chair from Vitra. 2. The bedspread is the back of an old vintage mirror. Tone has it with the back side now, but when she gets tired she turns around again. Photo: Espen Gees

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

HUNTING ON VOTE: Interior Stylist Tone The crown describes its style as bohemian. The interior is a random collection of items she has acquired, inherited or purchased used. She even likes to create a good mood, something she does using textiles and a mix of materials and colors. The painting is painted by Gøril Fuhr. 2. Tone has chosen bright walls, ceilings and floors – and breaks with a strong contrast color. Right now, the favorite color is a saturated blue color, but the preferences often change after the season, and she can easily change both pillows and small furniture. The pledge is from Anouska, and the ceiling lamp is from Bolina. Photo: Espen Geees

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

BLUE TEXTILES: It was the blue bedcloth that inspired Tone when she decorated with blue details in the bedroom. The fabric is from Mulberry Home and the Missoni Bedding is from Milla Boutique. Keep in mind that you can sew a beautiful textile on a regular sheet, so you’ll get a nice, but nice bed sheet. 2. The night table with marble top is bought on ladyburk. no. The teapot and the clock are from Eske Interiør. Photo: Espen Gees

– I love Gustavian style, wallpaper and classic furnishings. To me there was no alternative to decorating tight and modern, “says Trier to the magazine Bonytt.

The bedroom is new of the year, and together with the bathroom next door, the rooms make up 25 sqm in an extension. Before that there was a tool shed here.

– The main house is part of the protected wooden building on Torshov, so we have to be restrictive, says Trier.

Ceiling height is important

Therefore, the extension is just as big as the shelf that lay there, also the light opening is as it always has been. There is a simple, small window that overlooks the private backyard and the garden.

– Restrictions are ok. When I could not get more or bigger windows, I decided to make a cave here. The wallpaper and the classic furniture create intimacy and warmth, it’s important qualities in a bedroom, says Trier.

The best thing about the room, though, is she’s the height of the ceiling.

– Here I can go upright. The old bedroom was on the second floor, and there I had to go hooked, “says Trier.

The bedroom is largely furnished with things Trier had before. Only the wallpaper and the pillows are new. The next interior project is to find a bedspread.

– I’ve been looking for the perfect textile for the headbed for four to five months without finding anything. But now I think it is approaching. It will be somewhat solid, something with texture. I have to show some moderation too.

Be inspired by Anitha Trier

  • Play different patterns on wallpaper and textiles, but stick to a color palette and pattern from one and the same time.
  • Make sure your bedroom gets stuck, said it’s a good place to be. Fill it with soft fabrics.
  • Decorated with classic furniture. Get inspiration from the Gustavian style.

Nordic lushness

A Nordic, lush room textiles and natural materials

  • The interior designer is decorated with bright tones, plenty of textiles and natural materials.
  • Natural touches, true as the material in the nightstand, the candlestick with inspiration from nature, the plumage of wool and pottery in paper, adds a pure expression.
  • The furrow floor is retained. Pine and other light woods are typical of a Scandinavian / Scandinavian style, giving their own moodiness. To make it smoother it is painted.
  • The plants create fun and contribute to a lush touch.
  • There are room for some surprises in the room, true as the lamp shaped like an A, and the image of a horse on the beach.
  • The niche in the wardrobe breaks up the big white surface. Even though it is small, it helps the closet to not become too dominant.

Styling: Ida Lundquist

Dark and masculine glamor in the bedroom

A bedroom desert mystery with a glamorous sprinkle.

  • Materials like steel, marble and glass are important features.
  • Tight, slightly tight shapes are left in the bedroom.
  • The pillows with its pattern emphasize a masculine style.
  • The plants and pots in the room match the interior’s tight, masculine expression. The same does the bedspread and the nightstand.
  • The masculine dares a glamorous sprinkle of gorgeous pillows and a rude and feminine mirror. The whole room has a luxurious expression.
  • The soft carpet makes the room luncheon.
  • There is space for decor on the bedside table, but you can also hide an extra mattress or wires.

Styling: Ida Lundquist

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

TEXT DRAWING: Anitha Trier is a sewing and interior consultant, and for many years she ran the shop Trier behind the castle. Now she is running Trier’s design & interior stitch at Torshov. 2. Anitha reads a lot and gladly on the bed. She keeps her books in a Gustavian style book from K. A. Roos. The knitted pledge on the bed is from Belgian Libeco. Photo: Espen Grønli

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

TEXTILES: 1. “I’m keen on texture and like some dry fabrics, it must not be too slippery or heavy,” says Anitha. At the front lies a pillow from French Pierre Frey. The punch with vase presses is Ming and is from the same manufacturer, both purchased from Hagtex. The white ones are ordinary white pillowcases, the rear gray is from GP & J Baker and Poetry Interior. Frey is one of Anita’s favorite designers. There is something about the boldness and the pressure you can not find, she believes. 2. The sculpture of stone is from England. “It’s not particularly valuable, but it reminds me of my own son when he was small,” says Anitha. The marble-board bedside table is antique and has been purchased several years ago. Photo: Espen Grønli

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

FRIENDLY AND FRIENDLY: 1. It is decorated with bright tones, natural materials and there is noisy textiles. The picture is from Shutterstock, and is printed on forex at Copycat. The pillows in leather and pledder are from Milla Boutique. The cabinets and fronts are from Ikea. The wall is painted with the color code NCS S 2020-B90G. 2. Make sure you have an extra nice atmosphere at the bedside table. The Milla Boutique table has soft shapes and gives the room warmth and character. The candlestick made of a branch is also from Mila Boutique, and the scented candle is from H&M Home. Photo: Espen Grønli

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

HOME NECESS: Plants in Home & Cottage paper potters are placed in the window sill. The plants create life in the room. 2. The lamp shaped like an A is made of plywood. It is cut to and then painted. The light bulbs are purchased at Clas Ohlson. The wall lights are from Ikea. The white bed is from Princess. Notice how the colors in the room are taken up in the image. Cushions of leather and a warm blanket are an exciting contrast to the white. Photo: Espen Grønli

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

MASCULINE PLANTS: The choice of green growths is made with the wish that they should have a masculine feel. The pots also have tight shapes. Here it is painted with the color code NCS S 6010-R90B. Photo: Espen Grønli

No matter what flavor you have, find something you like

DARK MYSTIC: 1. The night table with marble top is from Bolia. The glass beads and marble lamp are from Milla Boutique. The same is the vase of a butt, it was designed by Jonathan Adler. Playful touches like this can give you extra comfort when you’re going to sleep. Notice the charming gorilla. 2. On the bedside gable there is room for decor. The hippopotamus is from Kremmerhuset. The book and vintage lamp is from Milla Boutique. The black and white velvet pillow is from Milla Boutique. Photo: Espen Grønli


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