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– No house is without damage or missing

You have more rights than you think when buying a home.

- No house is without damage or missing

Tips for borrowers

Should you take up a mortgage, you should think long-term:

– Interest rates now are unusually low, so borrowers should calculate 4 percent above current interest rates. If they pay on their own account the money that does not go to the actual interest expenses, they will get used to having monthly expenses on that sum. And at the same time they save money, says economist at DnB NOR, Sidsel Sodefjed Jørgensen.

- No house is without damage or missing

This should be required if the property is missing

It is more common to detect mistakes in houses than at apartments, says the regional director of the Consumer Council, Vidar Holm, to

– When it comes to a change from apartment to house, a house buyer will generally be able to discover more errors and shortcomings at home, says Holm.

Often, neighbors will detect mistakes in apartments, especially if they are not at ground level.

– They will detect leaks or moisture from the kitchen and bathroom. They report if, and the housing team is pushing to do something about it, “Holm says.

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Greater Privileges

When buying a house, please make sure there are errors and omissions.

There may even be problems that the seller did not realize that the pipe hat is not as it should, or undiscovered cracked roof tiles that emit moisture on the ceiling.

– Besides, detached houses have run down to gutters that may be wrong, and drainage is not always maintained, says Vidar Holm

In addition, a detached house has a larger square meter mass than a leakage, and thus a greater percentage risk of something wrong.

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There are so many errors in detached houses in Norway today that I dare say there is no house without any kind of damage or lack – neither new houses, Holm says..

Therefore, it is much more important with a thorough review of the house and the property before taking over.


– It’s not wrong to say that all houses are missing, but it will be a bit unprecedented, says CEO of Huseiernes Landsforbund, Peter Batta.

– It depends on how little details we’re talking about. I was recently buying an apartment for my daughter, and the valuer found 52 errors and missing. Even I had found 10. But it was on par with slanting doors.

If one is to be able to go after a purchase, the shortfall must be two to three percent of the purchase price, says Batta.

– That is, between sixty and one hundred thousand if the home costs two million. So here it just reflects that mistakes and defects must be of a certain size, “says Batta.

Homeowners’ Association has made a book called Dangers and Traps for the purchase and sale of housing, as Batta refers to those who are interested.

Missing reports

You must therefore see a good state report.

A standard self-declaration or tagline alone is certainly not sufficient to provide detailed information about the house.

– Also look for errors and shortcomings when viewing, for the often low-coverage formulations in the reports. If there is a moisturizer on a wall in the basement, for example, it may be said that it is not uncommon in relation to what is common in a detached house. But it may also be just before the house needs new drainage, and it can quickly cost two to three hundred thousand dollars, “says Vidar Holm.

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Without membrane

– Often it is also the case that the taxpayer is not sure if there is a membrane in the bathroom. It usually means that there is no membrane . Both in that case and if there are signs of moisture in the basement, you should ask the seller to correct before taking over. Alternatively, enter a bid that accepts you to pay for these remedies.

Holm says that you will run a risk of not being awarded property, but that’s not just a negative thing.

Then you should be very happy to make reservations, while another buyer did not do that and risk huge repair costs.

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After bidding round

If you win the bid round and later detect errors or deficiencies in case of takeover, you have the right to withhold the amount you or the professional considers necessary to rectify the damage or deficiency.

– You have the right to do without risking breach of your obligations as a buyer or late payment. Seller’s duty of disclosure is in front of the buyer’s duty to investigate, but there are many who do not know, Holm says.

Read more about all your rights and duties in the purchase of households in the Disposal Act.

The Disposal Act includes all rights you have in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate.

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