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No deductions for this this year either

The proposal for a state budget implies that rental housing has higher asset value.

No deductions for this this year either

Wednesday the proposal for the state budget was presented. For homeowners, it does not mean any significant change.

For those who rent, the value of the rental property will be higher when calculating the wealth tax. This, however, applies only to those who have more than one rental home, or secondary residence as mentioned in the tax context.

Huseier’s federations had hopes for introducing so-called ROT deductions and increasing the limit for BSU, but none of these parts were included in the proposal.

However, increased strengthening of the BSU scheme was some government parties promised before the election last year.

– We think, among other things, that young people who enter the housing market could for the first time get a small handshake through the state budget, “says the chief executive of Huseieren’s national association, Dag Refling, to click. no.

And in a press release from the association, CEO Peter Batta states the following:

– We are very disappointed and surprised that housing initiatives for youth are forgotten in the state budget for 2015. Most surprisingly, Housing Savings for Youth (BSU) is not adjusted, either in terms of annual savings or total savings. The document fee is also not reduced.

Reduced wealth tax

For those homeowners who are left with a net worth when debt is deducted, the proposal for a state budget entails a relief.

– Most will be able to get a little lower wealth tax with the new proposal, “says Tax Director Association, Rolf Lothe, CBS.. no.

The proposal contained in the state budget is to reduce the wealth tax from one to 0.75 per cent. In addition, the tax deduction is raised from 1 million to 1.2 million kroner and for married couples from two to 2.4 million kroner.

Furthermore, the value of primary housing is maintained at 25 percent of market value. In total, this means that you have to be living with a property worth more than 4.8 million (9.6 million) in order to at all get in the tax position for wealth tax on housing. This is an increase of four and eight million for the current year, respectively.

Higher value in rental housing

No deductions for this this year either

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However, those who own more than one home can get a sharpening. The government proposes to raise the value base for secondary housing number two from 60 to 80 percent of market value.

If you only own one secondary home, there will be no change from today’s 60 percent.

According to Lothe, this could have little or no effect on wealth tax, as both the rate is downgraded and the tax deduction increased.


If you own two rental homes and where rental housing number two has a market value of five million, the calculation will be as follows:



Housing Value


5 250 000

Asset Value


4 200 000

Base deduction

1 000 000

1 200 000

Basis of wealth tax

2 000 000


Capital Tax


22 500

With proposals for new values, deductions and tax rates, you will receive 500 kroner more in wealth tax on rental property number two.

At the Leieboerforeningen, one is not particularly concerned that a possible increase in the wealth tax for secondary housing number two could have an impact on rental prices.

– There has been a fall in prices in 2014, so it will be interesting to see if it will continue into 2015. Generally, there is a lot of housing for rent, says Lars Aasen, leader of the association, to click. no.

Request a change in asset value

With the draft state budget, property wealth limits will be as follows:

No deductions for this this year either

This overview does not work

Primary residence (you live in yourself): Max 25 percent of market value

Secondary home number one : 60 percent of market value

Secondary home number two and beyond : 80 percent of market value

If the value of the first secondary home exceeds 72 percent of the sales value, the proposal may require a downward adjustment of the value.

For cabins there will be no changes.

– There will be the old system of equation value, and no adjustment of the equation value is proposed, explains Rolf Lothe.

Nothing for BSU or refurbishment

Homeowners’ federations are not particularly pleased that there was nothing for the youth or measures to reduce black labor.

“The government plans to build 1500 student housing in 2015. Prior to the parliamentary elections last autumn, they promised to build at least 2000 each year. Both this and the strengthening of the BSU scheme were the support parties Left and Krf agreed and both cases would therefore have been adopted in the parliament. Therefore, it is extra surprising that this election promise is not held! “They write in a press release.

No deductions for this this year either

Only one bank does not raise interest rates when you change housing

We wanted youth to save more, partly because the border has not followed the rise in prices for housing, and especially because it requires 15 percent in equity, which is a very tough demand for many young people, Dag Refling adds to.

In the case of rehabilitation, refurbishment and extras deduction, so-called ROT deductions, the association wanted it because it would be a contribution to the fight against black labor.

“It has been a very popular scheme in Sweden for many years,” they write in the press release.

And according to the Build site. No, it has become shameful to buy black work in Sweden after the ROT deduction was introduced.

At the Finance Department, they can not say anything but they investigate the scheme.

“In assessing a possible ROT deduction in Norway, it is natural to go through the Swedish experience with the deduction scheme. We can not now give details about when the result will be available, “states Secretary of State Jørgen Næsje in the Ministry of Finance to click. no.

Increased grant for ENØK actions

The only homeowners can expect from grants to upgrade is the proposal in state budget to increase support for ENEC measures.

According to ENOVA, support is also given today, but with the new proposal, one should not be allowed to apply in advance, as it has been.

“The scheme will be built so that as long as you implement measures that fall under the scheme, you are entitled to support. Just make sure you document what you’ve done (invoice, receipts) and send us in afterwards, “says Enova, Eliv Flakne, communications manager in an email-to-click. no.

No deductions for this this year either

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However, at the moment, he can not say anything about what support could be given, but Enova will present the new scheme as soon as the budget negotiations have been concluded in the Storting.

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