Nightstand and bookcase in one

Make the shelf along the entire bed or as a short bedside table.

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Previously, we have written about how to create a built-in bookcase of an Ikea shelf.

Here we will show you how to create a small bookcase for your bedroom.

Shelf we have made here you can choose length. It also conceals the frame mattress that is not particularly pretty.

For the job, you need a race / jigsaw and a circular saw.

This shelf is fitted with a bed that is 160 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high.

Inner height is 20.4 centimeters, then you have space for the lowest books.

The furniture should be as wide and high as the mattress, so you may need to make adjustments.

You can use furniture slabs, solid wood or laminated, or you can use MDF, but then it must be cut.

This shelf is made from a solid wood worktop that is 1.8 centimeters thick and 30 centimeters wide. It is painted.

You can also choose a laminated variant. The thickness should not be less than 1.5 cm. The backplate can be made in fiberboard or veneer, about 0.6 centimeters thick.

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Exploded: Here you see the entire shelf in parts. Aside from the backplate, you can make everything based on standard furniture plates. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Jump to the plates

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Two variants: one with self-made and one with bought bones. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Beina: Do you have a good circle saw you can make the joint. If not, choose the simple variant. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Use the tape: When assembling the hull, place the tables one after the other with the inside down. Then you teip the joints so you get _hangles_, glue and fold the whole shelf together. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Use the cut / yeast saw, and all corners are fermented at 45 degrees. The partitions are cut straight.

Cut to the back plate. If you get this cut in the construction product, it will be absolutely accurate.


We’ll show you a smart way to get it all together:

Lay all the plates one after the other, with the inside down and end to end. Use a straight table to check that they are completely aligned. Put tape on the joints so that you get “hinges” and put glue on the surfaces to be glued.

Then fold the hull together and put the tape on the joints that meet. Tilt it over the side and fold, check all angles. Let the glue dry.

Apply glue and insert the partitions.

When everything has dried, dive into dive to make all the joints stronger. Then it’s a good idea to perish. Finally, gluing and stapling on the back wall.

Buying Bone or Create Yourself?

The easiest thing is to buy loose legs as you see the right length and turn on below. Such bones can be bought in a batter store.

Are you ready for more carpentry, you make the undercarriage yourself. It consists of a frame that you attach to the hull, which in turn gives attachment to the legs.

Create Frame

In the frame you can use 21 x 70 smooth edges, or you can cut to your own tables from the plates. The same applies to the legs.

Glue and screw the frame and attach it to the hull by glueing and tightening long screws from the underside.

Create bones

Beina consists of two parts, in the illustration you can see two ways to put them together. However, the joints must be glued and nailed.

Attach the legs to the frame by glueing and turning the inside.

Primer and paint

If you have used herbal plates, you must put on the stew, shallow, sparkle and brush. Then you must add a minimum of two coat paint.

Source: Sven Eckhoff, Eckhoff Handicraft Interiors.

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