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New housing rules can cost you a lot

See what you need to be aware of.

New housing rules can cost you a lot

New housing rules can cost you a lot

Rent housing now

New housing rules can cost you a lot

Tricks that break burglars

New housing rules can cost you a lot

Now you can fool the thief

New housing rules can cost you a lot

Therefore, home insurance is more expensive for families with children

If you intend to sell a house or rent it, it must now be energy labeled. And if you intend to clean the bathroom, you must now apply for a permit.

1. In July, several new rules came into force for the country’s homeowners, and some of them mean increased expenses.

The Huseiernes Landsforbund is consistently positive for the changes.

– The new building rules may cause some issues to become more material to the applicant, but at the same time we get a new system of independent building control, and we have fought for many years, the federal CEO Peter Batta said to clicks. no.

Extra Cost for Self-Employers

From 1. July, the message system disappeared from the construction work. This means that either you can only start your project or you must apply for approval. And if the project is required for application, it also entails processing costs in the municipality.

– We have to pay a minimum of 1800 kroner to process an application, says the working building manager in Bærum municipality, Åse Eiterstraum, to click. no.

In addition, one must also apply for so-called liability, but according to Eiterstraum, at least Bærum municipality does not charge extra for such an application.

– Such applications tend to be treated together with the action application.

Wet workers require an application

With the introduction of the new rules it has become more difficult to do self-work in the bathroom. Should you only lay tiles, it is still free forward. Comprehensive workers, on the other hand, require approval.

– If you are going to lay diaphragms or make pipes, you must now apply for the municipality, and in addition you must prove to the municipality that you are able to do the work yourself, Gustav Pilgram Larsen explains.. no. He is the Assistant Director of the State Building Engineering Agency.

He emphasizes that in addition, one has to pay a professional who can control the work.

But according to the plumbing industry, there will be no problem.

We do not see any rush of private individuals who want to approve their wet work because this has previously been work that professionals have done, “says Ole Larmerud.. no. He is Technical Director of the Norwegian Federation of Plumbing Companies.

He also sees no problem when it comes to checking the work according to new regulations.

– Plumbing companies that are approved, responsible inspectors will of course be able to control work done by others and will look at it as an extension of their own work area.

Universal Design

Multiple of 1. The July rules will apply only to new homes, but in some cases the rules will also affect existing buildings if extensive rebuilding is being done..

This applies, among other things, to the requirement for universal design.

– If you build your own home, it could trigger a universal design requirement, explains Pilgram Larsen.

In practice, this means that houses and apartments should be designed so that everyone, independent function and age, can use the home without special adaptations or aids.

Radon fuse

Major redevelopments may also trigger radio protection.

– Radon barrier costs some dogpins per square meter, and it’s really worth knowing that around 300 people die of lung cancer annually because of radon gas, Peter Batta points out..

Energy labeling

Should you sell or rent your home, it must now be energy labeled.

– The energy certificate must accompany the prospectus. But if there is no such certificate, it should be stated in the prospectus, explains information manager Roger Nyborg in the Real Estate Agency to click. no.

On site energy labeling. No, you can go in and get your energy labeled house free of charge.

New housing rules can cost you a lot

ENERGY LABOR: From 1. In July, all homes that are to be sold or rented are energy labels, and you must, among other things, note the type of heating solution you have. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / Scanpix

Warns against Energy Markers

Peter Batta in the Homeowners warns against people who come to the door and offer themselves the energy labeled home.

– It’s absolutely unnecessary to spend money on this. The branding system is free, made online and requires no professional knowledge to label yourself.

Weapons Storage

For those who have weapons in the house, it’s no longer possible to put it in the wardrobe. Now it is required that the weapon, or a vital part of it, be locked into a weapon.

“Weaponship is not just a security associated with uninvited guests in the house, but also against the use of weapons in the affect. Personally, I also think it’s a security given that I have young people in the house: Even if I trust them, it’s ok to know that everything is locked in if there is a party or if any of the friends should be a little too curious or long finger “, says NJFF information manager Espen Farstad to the federation’s own websites.

A weaponry costs from just over 2000 kroner and upwards.

Purchase of housing

There have been several changes in the housing market in recent years.

The last is that the deadline can not be shorter than 12 o’clock after the last announced display date.

However, the Consumer Council is a little excited about this new rule. They believe it will create more stress in bidding.

“In our view, you are in the wrong direction with this new rule,” says Torgeir Øines, Deputy Director of the Consumer Council, Aftenposten.. no.

The Consumer Council would prefer that the deadline be extended to 12 o’clock after the last impression .

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