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New exciting interior pictures

New service lets you browse image collections of inspiring interiors, sorted by room.

New exciting interior pictures

Now the Inspiration Guide is updated with new, exciting interior images.

Bonytt, rom123, Hyttiviv og Boligdrøm, together with the interior portal Click Bolig, has collapsed their photos in one online service called the Inspiration Guide.

Similar services are not found among Norwegian websites.

Are you looking forward to your interior and decor, you need some inspiration to renew your living room or kitchen? The Inspiration Guide is what you need.

Here you can browse through pictures from Norwegian and foreign homes.

You will find guaranteed rooms and styles to suit your needs. For this, the selection is large.

In the Inspiration Guide you will find images categorized by space.

Here you can choose room type and browse through amounts of professional interior images.

Clicking on an image will give you a large version of the image with informative text.

More features in the future

The service’s first version is released today.

Then the Inspiration Guide will come up with more items beyond 2011.

You will also be able to browse styles and colors.

The inspiration guide will be regularly updated with new images.

Here you will find the Inspiration Guide .

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