New bedroom in a sweep

Helle Tjaberg, editor of Elle Interiør, gives you tips for renovating your bedroom on a low budget.

New bedroom in a sweep

New bedroom in a sweep

Helle Tjaber, editor of Elle Interior Photo: Elle

The editors help you

In a series of four articles, the editors in Bonytt, Hytteliv, room 123 and Elle Interiør give you tips on how to renew a low budget room. First out was Anne Vestad in room 123, then Helle Tjaberg in Elle Interiør. Now Turid Røste in Hytteliv is in luck.

For me, the bedroom is first and foremost a place to relax completely. Therefore, I am very concerned with color and textile choices. Here are some of my best tips for creating a delicious relaxing and inviting bedroom without the wallet taking too much harm.


The very first thing you should do is create a so-called “moodboard”. Cut pictures, find samples and text samples that you paste on an A3 sheet. This way you can easily find out what expression you want. This makes the starting point easier as you walk around and look for things that can fit in. Start at home first with yourself. Do you have items, textiles or furniture that can be moved into the bedroom? Then go to flea markets or in used stores before heading to the larger chains or the more specialized interior stores.


The simplest and most affordable tool for renewing a room. But it pays to do research. Even I go directly to the “source”, that is, the specialized paint shops, where the professional painters go as well as I have the opportunity. There, they usually have specialists that you do not always meet in the big buildings. It may also be worth buying some test boxes with a few different colors, so you can test on the wall.

I like this

New bedroom in a sweep

RAW AND NATURAL: Untraditional things to the bedroom. Photo: Styling Kråkvik & D`Orazio. Photo Siren Lauvdal

Even I prefer the more powdered colors. Flügger has a beautiful color brown color called Concrete, Nordsjö has a beautiful old pink color named Tender and Jotun has a beautiful blue color called Linblå. If you think the floor is bad you can paint it too. However, proper work must be done to ensure that the paint stays well and not wear too fast. Here you will also be able to get good advice from the experts.


Think layer layer. Do you have creativity, as well as a sewing machine, you can come a long way. I myself have been delighted to hang up the canvas curtains and then hang thinner chiffon curtains outside. The longer the curtains are, the more luxurious the impression will be.

All the less expensive chains have become good at finished curtains, fabrics, blankets and pillows. I find a lot of fun on Kid, Skeidar, Princess, Ikea m m. However, I would recommend adding a little more money to the bed linen, and have fewer features to choose from.

The Bed:

The higher the bed is, the better I think it is. In the old days it was more common to climb the bed than to lay low in the terrain. Build up with, for example, affordable pallets, choose if you want to hide them with textile caps or if you may want them to look more rustic look. Then they should perhaps be painted or brushed. Do you have a bed frame that you think is too bad to get rid of, so look at the possibilities to paint it.

New bedroom in a sweep

CROSS: There are many options for classic nightstands. Photo: Studio Ilse

You can make a headboard easily – if you’re more useful than me. All you need is a particleboard in the correct dimensions, foam rubber, textile and a staple gun.

Bedside table:

Who in the world said nightstands need to match? How about using a stool on one side and a small table on the other? But then you may want to match the lamps instead. Ikea has a great lamp, Foresight, which is all the time, and that can work great as a nightstand lamp.


New bedroom in a sweep

forged lamp ikea Photo: ikea

New bedroom in a sweep

Editor’s Best Tips

Do you think your wardrobes are sad and boring? Paint them, change the handle or both. Simpler and less expensive it almost can not be.


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