New bathroom without refurbishment

With new textiles and personal objects, the bathroom will be new.

New bathroom without refurbishment

As many people choose white and light gray in bathrooms, the rooms often get a cold expression. This can be counteracted by using warm, slightly dark colors on towels and details. Many choose traditionally blue or turquoise. These colors make the room even cooler, says Kari Brantenberg, general manager of Intro Interior Design.

See the decorative tips in the video above.

Here are several tips for the bath:

  • Using brown, warm purple, moss green, you get a cooler expression.
  • Many baths experience sterile. There are slippery surfaces, white walls and decor, a lot of downlights. By adding furniture and d├ęcor that does not traditionally belong to the bathroom, you get a completely different experience. Insert a nice old cabinet in wood for towels, a tough antique chair, hanging pictures on the wall (screw holes in the joints can easily be sealed later), insert plants, etc.
  • Have dimmer on all lighting, it’s a simple mood. Also use candles! Put a t-light or a glass of cube light on the bench or in the window sill. A light can hang in the window if there is little space.

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  • Hanging on towels can be a great tree.
  • Today there are plenty of suction cups if you do not want holes in the joints. Happy colors in plastic and stylish details in steel. Even t-light hanging to the wall.
  • Choose great ceramic jars for cotton and the like. It may then be easily accessible, rather than hidden.
  • Make a main purchase of quality towels in matching colors and get a stylized expression.

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New bathroom without refurbishment

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New bathroom without refurbishment

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