New bath for 3000 kroner

With veneer plates, handle, six handles and a towel rack, you create a new bathroom for 3000 kroner.

New bath for 3000 kroner

New bath for 3000 kroner

BEFORE: The bathroom of 5 sqm had a feel of the 80’s. Photo: Espen Grønli

New bath for 3000 kroner

AFTER: Cabinet doors and bath windows were replaced with veneer plates wiped in dark walnut. Towel holder and lamp above the mirror are from Ikea. Photo: Espen Grønli

The bathroom was changed on a weekend. This was done:

Cabinet doors, hoods, lights, washbasin and shower were removed.

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New cabinet doors in veneer were carved at wooden loaders, the new hinges were deferred. The doors were stained in dark walnut and then lacquered with sackcloth. Two and two handles were put together for long handles.

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Editor’s Best Tips (Time)

The cover was removed and the mirror, as wide as the bench, was centered.

New bathroom veneer tops were treated in the same way as the cabinet doors. The front is fitted with door stops on the underside and the plates are attached with magnets to the bathtub.

New light was mounted over the mirror, the bathroom got a new towel rack, a new shower and a new fixture.

New fronts

If you wish to renew the bathroom without removing the interior, you can also switch cabinet doors and handles by contacting kitchen renovators. They deliver doors, finished painted according to the desired color, in the desired dimensions. See, among other things:

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