Neat entrance

Stool that can be used as a storage bucket or metal plate with knots.

Neat entrance

Yellow is the color of the entrance hall we have decorated for you. The products we have picked out range from one yellow evert to 29 kroner to a floor level of 549 kroner.

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Effective entrance

On the millimeter

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Neat entrance

LAVBUDSJETT: The Evert Eve, serves as a bucket for storage when it’s on the head, seat height 45 cm from Ikea, kr 29. The hangers Hemlis from Ikea, NOK 10 for 4 pieces. Metallic plate with knuckles from Åhléns, NOK 169. Stumtjeneren Tjusig from Ikea, NOK 449. Photo: Frode Larsen and the producers

Neat entrance

LAVBUDSJETT: The table lamp Kvart from Ikea, kr. 89. Mirror Friend with knitters where you can hang up. From Ikea, kr. 299. Dotted door mat, 45 x 68 cm from Ellos, 99 kr. Floor mirror from Ellos, kr. 549. Photo: Frode Larsen and the producers

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