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Morten Krogvold’s recommendation in Berlin

Helmut Newton is one of the largest art photographers of our time. In his hometown of Berlin you can admire his life work closely.

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

The ultimate in modern architecture, design and interior never goes out of fashion. Just think of the incredible villas of Le Corbusier, the rugged aluminum chairs of Charles Eames and the arts and craft interiors of English William Morris. These are evergreens as new generations will still be inspired by.

Newton goes to top

Like the German-Jewish star photographer Helmut Newton (1920-2004). He lived a remarkable life as a portrait and fashion photographer and had a number of professions before confirming his position as the world’s leading in his genre. Now you can see his life work in the Museum for Photography in Berlin.

Are you in Berlin also take a look at Michelberger Hotel signed designguru Werner Aisslinger. This place also has a bold form expression.

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

VISIONARY ART PHOTO: Behind the cool, neoclassical facade, hiding high-temperature photo art. Photo: Stefan Mueller

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

ET NEWTON CENTER. In the Newton Museum in Berlin there is a wide range of Helmut Newton’s works, books and some of the master’s photo equipment. The base for the huge photo book is designed by Philippe Starck. The original edition of the Sumo book weighs 30 kg. Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Newton is the best

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

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– The work of Helmut Newton can not be put in a stall. To that they are too unique, says curator, Dr. Matthias Harder in the Helmut Newton Foundation / Museum for Photography in Berlin to Bonytt. no.

– Helmut Newton’s photo crosses borders and spans more than five decades. Newton braided elegance, style and voyeurism within the framework of fashion and glamor photography. The result of this mix is ​​unbeatable, the German expert believes.

Our internationally renowned art photographer Morten Krogvold also places Helmut Newton’s photo art very high.

– Newton’s images, not least those of long-legged women challenge our watch and fictionality in an ultrasound manner. These works are so aesthetic and watery well done that they can not bump anyone, Krogvold claims to Bonytt. no

Is this art for KrF?

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

A BRIGHT SPENNER: Here you can see how varied motives Helmut Newton worked with. Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

HIGH CLASS SAMPLING: The classical interior architecture of the muddy Berlin building provides an excellent framework for the photo work of the city’s great son, Helmut Newton. Photo: Stefan Mueller

– Even the KrF peaks would not have been provoked by the photographs of the Helmut Newton Foundation, Krogvold says.. He emphasizes that it is extremely high cascading when you adore the motifs that the Newton is most famous for, and he also states that among the connoisseurs the photo museum in Berlin is considered one of Europe’s finest.

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

Hemut Newton (1920-2004) Photo: Wikipedia

Morten Krogvold's recommendation in Berlin

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Germany’s Tourist Board in Norway, Manuel Kiese supports the assessments of DSD’s two experts. – The Photographer Museum and the Helmut Newton Foundation are under the same roof in Berlin, and closer to a Mecca for photo enthusiasts it is hard to come. Here you can immerse yourself in the fantastic story of photography, “Kiese says.

Century Gigant Book

The film about Helmut Newton, his work and the giant book SUMO, you can see here. It weighs 30 kilos and is claimed to be the largest and most expensive book production in the 20th century.

Helmut Newton died in California, but his tomb is by Marlene Dietrichs at Städtischer Friedhof III in Berlin. During his funeral in 2004, including statesmen, actors like Roger Moore and famous fighters were present.

Hop on more Newton in Berlin?

If you get blood on your teeth after visiting the photographer museum and the Newton photos you can proceed to the Newton Bar. This exclusive nightclub is not far from Brandenburg Gate. The bar will cover some walls of Newton Photo. Some of them have the master himself signed.

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