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More tax on housing

Now the government proposes to increase the equivaxion of housing by ten percent.

More tax on housing

Cheaper to inherit house and cottage

More tax on housing

More for Savings for Youth

More tax on housing

Check the equation value of your home

In a press release, the Ministry of Finance proposes to increase the housing value by ten percent.


This is done to take back for lack of upgrades during a period of strong price increases, Aftenposten.no writes.

However, CEO of Huseiernes Landsforbund (HL) Peter Batta is very critical.

– We find it unreasonable and highly critical that the equities increase when house prices are down, he says, according to huseierne.no.

Call a Real Estate Agent

In four years, including next year, the equation value will have increased by 66 percent.

– With such a big boost for four years, it’s important that people follow the tax return. Many have probably come well over 30 percent. This can be reduced by getting a real estate agent to reimburse the property, “he told Aftenposten.no.

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