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More builds like Mette-Marit

Solid wood is the new environmentally friendly option. The Crown Prince pair is among many who follow the trend.

More builds like Mette-Marit

More builds like Mette-Marit

NEW TECHNOLOGY: This massive hay is made with a new technique, gluing the wood with trusses and sour milk in a thickness of approx.. 20 cm. The tree has some moisture, while the nails have another. When the items dry, the nails fix themselves so hard that it is not possible with any movement. Here the tree’s own power is combined with natural processes, explains cottage owner Esten Aas-Eng. Photo: Frode Larsen

This is massive

Solid-state elements are wooden planks that are placed next to each other or by layer in cross. The latter is most common. The wooden boards are joined by glue, dybler or steel roof. The boards form a building element that is usually 120 cm wide and from 3 to 14 meters long.


  • High degree of flexibility
  • Good Fire Features
  • Set your own weight
  • Good Environmental Features
  • Easy to process
  • Good overall economy

Source: TreFocus

More builds like Mette-Marit

Now the cabins are on sale

More builds like Mette-Marit

Extreme Weather Cabin

For many, it is natural to choose a piece of land or a trip to build a cottage. But there is another and environmentally friendly alternative – massive.

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Germany has been massively used as a building material for a while. Now Norwegians have got their eyes up for the material, which is environmentally friendly and provides a natural insulation.

Among others, the Crown Prince couple built the new cottage in Nore and Uvdal in massive woods.

Picture of Haakon and Mette-Marit’s cabin you will see here.

Great environmental gain

The method involves prefabricated solid wood elements that are assembled on the site. The price is about the same as the price, and somewhat more expensive than travel.

Many manufacturers of solid wood have hitherto used timber with unnecessarily high quality in the modules. Now another sorting is used and you can mix wooden species, which gives great environmental benefits.

Insulating effect

– It’s also new that the elements contain frozen traces of stagnant air, which in turn gives a satisfactory insulating effect. Thus, no further isolation is necessary, says architect Odd Haslestad.

– The house breathes naturally through the wooden elements. Other ventilation, in addition to the bathroom and extractor fan, becomes unnecessary.

Environmentally friendly and healthy

A few miles from Røros, Esten Aas-Eng created a unique and environmentally friendly cabin in collaboration with his friend and architect Odd Haslestad.

The elements are covered outside with wood fiber boards pressed together with natural latex and resin, which acts as a breathable water and wind barrier. The outer coat consists of malmfuru which must be left untreated and grayed out as weather and wind.

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– This is not just an environmentally friendly house, but it also provides a healthy indoor climate, says the cabin owner Aas-Eng.

Finished in two days

The roof is, according to architect Haslestad, designed to withstand the Norwegian climate without cardboard or roof tiles. This also provides more opportunities for using the elements for a more exciting architecture.

In this cabin the roof extends down the side as an outer wall. The construction is very simple, because the load is in the outer walls.

The time it takes to set up a building in solid wood is of course dependent on the size and complexity of the building. The cabin at Tolga took two days to set up. Groundwork and finish came in addition.

View the photo gallery from the massive hay to Esten Aas-Eng.

See also what Byggforsk (Sintef) says about massive.

These are some of the massive suppliers:

Moelvern Massivtre


Norwegian Massive

Assembly axis

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