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Molly sniffs up the stick and musical

The dog is 80 percent accurate, says pest control.

Molly sniffs up the stick and musical

Molly sniffs up the stick and musical

HARMONY HUNTING: In addition to a nice log, the dog is also taught to find rodents. Photo: Tønsberg Pest Control

Pests and troublesome insects are not something we want to have in our homes.

The New York Times (NYT) tells about the dog trained to snuggle up to wall animals.

The four-legged can snuggle over 90 percent of these crazy creatures.

“Snowshoeing dogs are the new and fur-lined front-line of wildlife in an upcoming war,” writes the paper.

Swipe up the stick

In Norway, there are currently no dogs that are taught to sniff up to animals.

Norsk Skadedyrkontroll AS in Lillesand, however, owns a dog that has been trained to find a log.

– The dog does is to locate the mothers community by smelling up to the queen by means of a substance it stands out when laying eggs, says general manager Hilde Aukland to

High hit percentage

According to the report in NYT, the dog used fifteen minutes to highlight four places where there should be molluscs.

– In addition to stocking we use the dog Molly to sniff up to rodents, both living and cadavers. The success rate is around 70 to 80 percent, says Kenneth Ervik to

He is the general manager of Tønsberg Pest Control, which is one of the companies that uses the dog in Lillesand.

The dog is also called for in connection with a change of ownership, where one wishes to be confirmed whether or not it is a log, Ervik expands.

The cost of completing a search is between $ 7500 and $ 10,000.

Wall animal dog next year

According to Hilde Aukland in Norwegian Pest Control, they are working to train a dog to find molluscs.

– We expect we have a dog ready next season. Because we see that veggies are going to be a growing problem in the years to come, and therefore want to stay ahead of this development, she expands.

Tarnish wall animals

According to the National Public Health Institute, the stock of farm animals is on its way back after being small for several years.

They are hard to detect, as they hide in cracks in the wall, sofas, chairs, mattresses and bedding.

And can stay asleep for up to one year without access to food (human blood).

Since there are big restrictions on using poison, eradicate the wall animals simply freeze them out.

Their shelter (mattresses and the like) will be sent to the cold store and will stand until all crazy creeps have frozen to death.

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