Mistake you make with the bed

Learn how bedding, comforters and pillows are clean.

Mistake you make with the bed

A good night’s sleep is important for both mood, health and well-being.

The sleep professionals and interior decorators agree that bedroom should be a room where loosen.

In all, the bed is probably the furniture in the house we spend the most time in.

However, according to the Prevention site, many of us make many mistakes when it comes to washing and maintaining both bedding and not least pillows and comforters.

For how often do you really need to wash duvets? What temperature do you need to wash to remove the bed of the bed? And why should not you raise your bed when you get up?

Bonytt. no have talked to the experts who tell you what you’re doing wrong in the bed:

1. You do not change bed linen often

– Most people agree that every 14. Today is a good time to let it go between each time you change the bed, “explains the purchaser of the interior chain Princess, Bitta Andersen, to Bonytt. no.

– We usually recommend a change at least every other week, and if needed more often.

The Apartment Therapy website thinks it may be a good rule of thumb to change every other week in the winter, and every week in the summer, where you sweat more.

Change more often on bed when you sleep naked

Physician and sleep specialist Michael Breus disagrees.

He explains in a video on the WebMD website that one should swap the bed at least once a week if sleeping with pockets, and twice a week if you sleep without.

– You sweat at night, and you often have sex – or sleep naked – want more sweat pulling into bed linen and also mattress and pillows, explains the specialist.

Mistake you make with the bed

Did you know that: Do you often have sex, you should change more often on the bed. Photo: Colorbox

– It can be pathogenic to sleep in clumsy bedding.

Mistake you make with the bed

Budget budget

2. You get up the bed

– It’s nice to get up the bed in the morning, May Anita R reveals. Berg, Product Manager for duvets and pillows at Mascot Høie to Bonytt. no.

– Pull the duvet back so that the mattress and the side of the duvet that lay down against the bed – may air.

This is done to transport the moisture out of the bedclothes.

– Bedding is used only to impress mother-in-law, laughs Berg.

Sweat from sleep of the night – or six – plus high humidity creates perfect living conditions for midsection.

In fact, a single gram of dust in your bedroom can contain as many as 500 mites – and most of these microscopic pig animals live in the mattress and bed linen.

– If you want to limit the number of mites, you should not go to bed, advises senior counselor Rose Lyngra in the Asthma and Allergy Association.

– Also, let the bed hang loose over the gable so that the moisture is vented.

3. You do not use duvet covers and pillowcases

Mistake you make with the bed

Nine regular tabs when you wash

Always use duvet covers and pillowcases on comforters and pillows, explains Bitta Andersen.

In this way, you protect these to a certain extent from perspiration and dirt, because it is easier to wash your bed and pillowcases than duvets and pillows.

4. You do not air out duvets and pillows

Learn the habit of shaking and breathing duvets and pillows a little each day.

– This will help to renew the thinning of the dun after the night’s sleep, explains Bitte Anderson.

As often as possible, let these hang out for aeration, both summer and winter.

– Both synthetic duvets and duvets made of natural fibers should be aired regularly and shaken, explains Siv Elizabeth Egger at Ikea to Bonytt. no.

– This will prolong the life of both quilts and pillows, and make the bed a better and healthier place to sleep.

At Mascot Høie, May Anita R explains. Berg:

– Air duvets and pillows regularly to avoid moisture (moisture + skin waste = midday). It’s the feces of the middle that people react to.

5. You bet instead of shaking

– Blankets and pillows should not be knocked or vacuum cleaned , whether it’s fiber or thin in them, explains Marianne Harmel at Kid Interior to Bonytt. no.

Mistake you make with the bed

A cotton swab can show why you’re hurting your head

– This damages the fibers.

May Anita R. Mountain at Mascot Høie confirms this:

– Yes, you should never knock down duvets or pillows such as carpeting – this will destroy the fibers and the pillow or pillow will lose both shape and fill.

6. You do not read the laundry instructions

Bitta Andersen, buyer at Princess, explains:

– Always follow the washing instructions when washing everything from bed linens to comforters and pillows.

There can be big differences in what temperatures the different ones can withstand.

When it comes to the bed linen, always remember to look at the May Anita R washcloth. Berg:

– The different grades can have different washing instructions, such as satin, crisp and cotton.

Berg explains that at Mascot Høie they usually recommend washing the bed with the wings out and the zipper again.

– Most drugs shrink after washing. We have taken into account our size adjustment. Real measurements on the bed linen will therefore be achieved after approx. 3 sinks. You should also wash similar colors together.

7. You do not often wash duvets and pillows

Many sins here.

– During the night, we divide 3-5 decilitres of moisture and salts and the cushion tends to be yellow-stained with body fluid, hair creams, face creams and miscellaneous, sheds May Anita R. Mountain in Mascot Høie AS.

– We also sweat a lot through the head and this moisture and the salts bind the stuff into the pillow so that it can become flat and bulky.

Mistake you make with the bed

DIN AND SWITCH: Are you among the sins who never wash duvets and pillows? Photo: Colorbox

Berg recommends washing the headboard at least 3-4 times a year.

– When washing, quality pillows will recover and tense and stay comfortable and comfortable much longer.

Bitta Andersen explains that generally you do not have to wash duvets as often as pillows.

– There is not really any fence here, but I would say 1-2 times a year for regular use for quilts. And otherwise if needed.

Pillows, on the other hand, recommend the expert that you can wash four times a year.

8. You use too much detergent and wash at the wrong temperature

– We recommend that the duvets with feather and down should be machine wash at 60 degrees, explains communication adviser at Ikea, Siv Elizabeth Egger to Bonytt. no.

– You should use only one third of the amount of normal detergent amount.

Dryers and dents should preferably be dried in a tumble dryer – at low temperatures to prevent dirt and feather becoming flat. The same goes for pillows with dun and feather.

Egger explains that synthetic duvets should also be machine washed at 60 degrees.

– Here you can use a normal amount of detergent. Synthetic duvets can be wiped both in the dryer and in air drying.

– White or completely light bed linen, sheets and pillowcases can be washed with detergent for white clothes, explains Bitta Andersen at Princess.

– These tend to get a bit yellow in color if you sweat a lot at night.

Mistake you make with the bed

Neat house of 20 minutes

Red and dark colors, on the other hand, should not be washed with detergent for white clothes as it will destroy the color, warns Andersen.

Difference on thin and fiber

May Anita R. Berg explains:

– Duvets and down pillows should be machine wash at 60 degrees. It is important that you have a large enough machine, at least 7 kilos for a full year or winter pit. Summer dunes go in regular machine, same with pillows.

Mountain recommends washing with special soap for dun products or using Milo.

– DO NOT use rinse aid on products containing dun!

If you wash thin with two to three tennis balls in the machine, you can knock out the air that can form inside the draw.

– Dry in a drum, completely dry, you may like to shake up along the way, Berg rocks.

Mistake you make with the bed

Do you have a normal relationship with cleaning?

– Use tennis balls to distribute the dunes even during drying, or it can easily clap.

In the case of duvets and pillows of fiber material, these can be washed in the same way as the duvets according to the expert.

– These dries faster, and if there are non-baller polyester pads, you do not need to use tennis balls to the same extent as thin.

Mascot Høie has recently launched a boiling duvet.

– When you cook the dunes you achieve a sharp reduction of fungi and bacteria, Berg explains.

– Høie Celsius 90 is our only single cookie duvet for the consumer market.

– All our comforters and pillows can be machine wash at 60 degrees, explains Marianne Harlem at Kid Interiors..

– But it’s important to remember to use a detergent that does not contain enzymes.

Mistake you make with the bed

SOV SEARCH: These tips are worth getting along to make night sleep even better. Photo: Colorbox

9. You do not use pillow or mattress protector

Mistake you make with the bed

DO NOT REPEAT: It’s nice to re-raise the bed. Photo: Kid Interior

It can be a big measure of hygiene in the bed using pillowcovers between the pillow and pillowcases, and mattress protector between the bed sheet and the bed.

– These can be easily removed and washed at 60 degrees, and change slightly less often than pillow or duvet covers, explains Siv Elizabeth Egger at Ikea.

– In this way you can easily save duvets and pillows for a few rounds in the washing machine.

Both mattress guards and pillow protectors are good products for families with children, but also for anyone else who focuses on a hygienic choice.

10. You do not wash the bed before use

– New bed sets MUST be washed before use, explains Bitta Andersen at Princess.

– This eliminates excess color and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

11. You throw everything in the dryer

All cotton kits can be wiped in drums, but drums can change colors a lot, especially dark colors, you can quickly get wash sticks.

At Princess, it is recommended to wash the bed in the machine, remove it and stretch it.

– Hang it up, over a door or out of line to avoid ironing. If you use a tumble dryer, you should calculate some deletion, explains purchasing manager Bitta Andersen.

12. You do not take into account the quality of the bed linen

Most of the bedding is in cotton – a natural material that breathes and is comfortable to sleep in summer and winter. There are different types of cotton linens, and it can be an expensive mistake to behave everyone alike.

– For example, bedding in satin can lose some shine in washing, explains Andersen.

– But this one comes back when you iron the bed. Cream and flannel, on the other hand, should not be ironed, as the substance loses the property of these substances.

-Woven linen towels will shrink more than other qualities, explains May Anita R. Berg.

– The dimensions of woven crease bedding are therefore specifically adapted to this. Only after approx. Three washbasins will give you the right goal. The creep effect is not visible before washing. It is only after washing that the desired creep effect occurs.

Marianne Harlem at Kid explains:

– Linen in extra fine cotton quality should, for example, not be washed together with terry cloths. We also recommend wiping duvet covers and pillowcases before washing. This preserves the colors best and also helps against nupping.

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Mistake you make with the bed

AIR DYES AND PUTS: The experts believe we are too bad to smell duvets and pillows. Photo: Colorbox


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