Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture. Today it breaks in the hopper.

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

Is this the country’s coolest cabin?

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

Here’s a design hotel

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

This cabin is world class architecture

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

Modern cottage that does not require maintenance

In the run-up to the World Championships on skiing, the new Midtstubakke has come completely in the shadow of Holmenkollbakken. Here is a little brother, with an architecture that stands at 20.20.

The architecture and design of the new Holmenkollbakken has been discussed.

The little-mentioned little brother Midstubakken is also recently finished, in new architecture.

– The new Midstubakken is great for the landscape. It uses the terrain in an exemplary, cautious way, and it represents Norwegian stadium architecture with international flair.

– It is a new Oslo attraction, “says Dahle Breitenstein, a consultant advisor at the Norwegian Architectural Association Christian Dahle in clicks.. no

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

stylish. New Midtstubakken is smaller Holmenkollbakken which is close by, but the location and the view are even better. And what do you think about architecture? Photo: Espen Grønli

On old plots

– The facility is located in a harmonious, terrestrial way exactly where the old Middle-Stumps of 1927 stood. And the architects, Norse Økaw, did not have to go so much to create a full-fledged overflow in the hill, commented Dahle.

He also believes that the Oslo architects’ combination of glass and stone in the tower is excellent.

Jump, cross country and combined

Midtstubakken is world-class architecture

SPENNING: New Midtubakken has a nice glass tower. It is not so high from the terrain, but it clearly alerts; Here are exciting things! Photo: Espen Grønli

This new so-called normal tray is part of Holmenkollen National Park, and will be the venue for both jump, cross country and combined during this year’s world championship.

Five Trays to

In the middle of the middle of the middle there is a water magazine that will be used for snow production and summer bathing. Five recruitment trays will also come.

As the main tray and big brother Holmenkollen they are plastic coated so that they can be used in summer.

See the jumpers and experience the architecture

Friday 25th. February at 13. 00 will really make it into the new plant. Then there is hope for women, normal baking.

Come and hello to our skilled girl jumpers and experience the great architecture at the same time, “says World Information Manager Nina Horn Hynne.

Read more at Oslo2011. no

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