Men want mini crafts

The engraver is a butcher at the construction companies. See what else we are hiring.

Men want mini crafts

Of tools rented by construction companies, it’s the most popular miniature crawler.

Playing in the garden

And often it’s not just because it’s so nice that men hire graves.

– Often, men rent mini-graves to play themselves at home in the garden. They may want to hire someone to clean up, but most think it’s worth it, “says Ole Andre Sørlie, Bautas Customer Care.

Men want mini crafts

Customer care at Bautas Ole Andre Sørlie says the mini-trainer is perfect for men who want to play. Photo: Elin Davidsen

Lead more!

Here you can rent tools and machines:

* Bautas

* Builders

* Builders

* Maxbo

At Byggmakker are the most popular floor grinders.

– We have both floor polishers with and without polishers, says salesman at Byggmakker Fredrik Inger.

He adds that he would like to see people rent more tools than they do.

– We see people buying cheap tools and getting a little worse job. Then it is much better to rent where you are sure the tool is good, he says.

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All tools and machines mentioned in the case can be hired by anyone without special certificates.

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