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May be the marvel of time

New technology creates super impregnation that keeps the shit away.

May be the marvel of time

May be the marvel of time

Cement: Both hammers are dipped in wet cement. The left is impregnated. Photo: Youtube

May be the marvel of time

Oil: Both bolts are dipped in oil. The left is impregnated. Photo: Youtube

May be the marvel of time

Sole: Both boots are dipped in mud. The left is impregnated. Photo: Youtube

May be the marvel of time

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Here we are probably talking about the ultimate means of impregnating the boots. The product is called Ultra-Ever Dry and is what you can safely call water and oil repellent. Impregnation is being produced a Ultra Tech, a Florida based company specializing in waste management.

To make impregnation, the manufacturer has applied nanotechnology. This allows the product to function in such a way as to create a barrier of air on the surface, so that almost all types of liquid will slip away.

On Styles

– I have to make some reservations as I have only studied the video, but the principle is known, says Associate Professor Ola Nilsen. He works at the Chemical Institute, University of Oslo.

– It seems to me that they are coating the surfaces with a powder of hydrophobic material.

– It’s a point that it’s in the form of powder, because air pockets can be formed between the grains that are applied. If the powder is hydrophobic, an effect is obtained which gives a superhydrophobic surface. The water is closest to stilts, explains Nilsen.

Youtube hit

The people behind the product have created a demonstration video that has become a real youtube hit. They have impregnated all they come across, concrete, leather boots, tight bolts, glasses and leather gloves. Afterwards splashing, splashing and dipping all in water, oil and mud. Everything just boils off.

Since the video was published, it has been shown almost four and a half million times.

All surfaces

The company claims that the product can be used on virtually all surfaces, from concrete to leather and protects against almost all types of liquids and dirt. It can be sprayed on steel and increase rust protection by five to eight times. Surfaces also become bacterial free if treated with impregnation.

Not indoors

Impregnation according to the product data sheet is not particularly toxic to the environment and is expected to break down easily, but follow the environmental site Treehugger should You know what you do before you order. These are relatively hazardous things. The fabric requires that you use special equipment for protection and you should be able to handle residues on the way. It means: Do not stand in the hallway when impregnating your leather boots.


This is of course not free. The product is two-component, the primer costs just over 300 kroner, and the top cost costs 550 kroner per liter.

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