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May be more expensive to shower in the morning

New power meters and new control systems.

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

Even in the next year you may have to take your daily shower in the evening. And if you’re generally concerned about the power bill, the future is just around the corner. Then you will ALWAYS be able to monitor your power usage from hour to hour, but then you will also find that the network companies will consider introducing varied network rentals throughout the day to smooth out power usage.

VG writes in a leader comment that this will make your power bill bigger. “To penalize a household with $ 20,000 extra electricity bill for living normal lives is miserable policy,” writes the lead writer.

– This number has no root in reality. If the grid companies introduce what you can call a price increase, it is in order to smooth the load and thus limit the need for investments in the grid. It will benefit the customers in terms of lower network lease. One should also remember that the average customer today pays 5,000 pounds a year in network lease, and the revenues of the network companies are strictly regulated by the authorities, says information manager in Energy Norway, Aslak Øverås, to click. no.

– People should still be able to shower without fear of the electricity bill. However, in the long run, we want to premiere that portable consumption occurs at times of the day when the load in the grid is lower. This could include, for example, the fast loading of electric cars, heating of water, the use of a washer and dryer.

Power Consumption Management

The new smart-flow meters (AMS), however, also open up new opportunities to control power consumption in more detail, thus giving way to cutting power bills.

– And if you connect the price information to so-called smart house solutions, you’ll be able to get a better chance of influencing your electricity bill, explains Øverås.

– With a smart house solution, you will be able to read the power consumption of each power outlet and bright spot. That way, you will be able to control where and when you use power, and again it gives a potential for cutting power bills, “says project manager at Micro Matic, Bjørn-Erik Askestad, to click. no.

Avoiding higher network rental

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

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Today, there are major variations in power consumption that, in times, pays the power grid heavily. It has therefore been a long time to establish systems that can contribute to a more even distribution throughout the day.

– The introduction of smart meters combined with differentiated hourly rates can help lower the power grid during the “rush hour”, explains Aslak Øverås.

In this way, the grid companies can limit expensive investments in the grid and will again benefit consumers because the option would be for companies to build even more capacity in the grid, which would lead to higher network leasing for consumers.

Øveraas also states that it is the authorities, through NVE, regulating the revenues of the grid companies so that companies can not freely adjust the price they wish.

– Our prices must be within the limits set by the government, “he says.

And so, the network companies have to pay back to consumers if they take too much in network leasing. “If, on the other hand, companies require too much in network lease for one year, this will be paid back to customers through lower network lease in subsequent years,” NVE writes on its pages.

– Consumer Council is positive for smart flow meters

The Consumer Council has long been eager for the introduction of smart flow meters.

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

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– We believe the introduction of advanced power meters will give consumers a better basis for choosing a favorable power agreement, communications consultant Henrik Vesterager Ebne writes in an e-mail to click. no.

He further explains that the Consumer Council is working on a new power station online. It will replace the Competition Authority’s service, where less than half of today’s agreements are included.

“The Consumer Council’s service will be ready by June 2015 and all agreements offered by consumers will be included. The service is also prepared to take advantage of the opportunities offered by AMS, “he writes in the email.

Consumers pay for the installation

The new meters should be installed across the country within 1. January 2019, but some online companies are already running the installation. And according to Øverås, it is consumers who will pay for the installation of the over 2.5 million meters.

– The cost will be credited to the network over a 15-year period, amounting to around 100 to 200 kroner a year.

In the Consumer Council’s consultation statement on the regulations underlying the introduction, the Consumer Council states that if the installation of new meters requires a refurbishment of the fuse, this must be covered by the grid company.

Energy conservation savings

The smart flow meters only provide an overview of where your total power consumption fluctuates through the clock. But if you want the opportunity for detailed control and control of power consumption, you have to go for so-called smart house solutions.

– The smart meters do not give an indication of where the savings potential lies. But with smart house solutions, you can control where and when you want power, and you get a detailed overview of what uses power in your home, “says Bjørn-Erik Askestad.

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

– Do not bid too low. It is quickly understood as unsuspecting

– We believe it could help create a greater awareness of energy consumption.

Askestad believes that with such systems there is a potential to save up to 30 percent of the power consumption for heating.

Provides opportunities for the conscious consumer

One of the online companies that has already started rolling out the new meters is Lyse Nett. They have launched a pilot project that will form the basis for large scale installation starting next year.

– But we do not just want to install new gauges, we also install so-called gateways. These provide real-time measurements for every electricity course in the home, and they will be the core of a possible smart house solution, “says Lyse Smart Jan Holm, CEO of Clicks.. no. Lyse Smart is responsible for the installation of the automatic flow meters on behalf of Lyse Elnett.

Such solutions will benefit the conscious consumer, and they will provide a potential for cutting power bills. Already now, we see that those who really want can cut total energy consumption by around 15 percent.

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

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