Made guesthouse of container

The small annexe is equipped with a living room, shower and WC.

Made guesthouse of container

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to use containers in residential projects. In cities and densely populated areas, containers and cottages with compact living solutions can be a smart and space-saving measure.

But in this case there was no room shortage that allowed the architects of Poteet Architects to build a container house in San Antonio, Texas, USA.


– Our customer wanted to experiment with the use of containers, explains Siboney Diaz Sanchez. Even the customer lives in a small warehouse in an industrial area south of the city.

The finished project serves as a guesthouse and is equipped with a bedroom, shower, WC and a customized stainless steel sink. The large sliding doors in glass and steel open all the one wall up to the garden and the surrounding area.

Made guesthouse of container

USE: The foundation of the container is made of recycled telephone posts. Photo: PHOTO Chris Cooper

Made guesthouse of container

VINDUS FLATS: The large windows provide a lot of light and an airy feeling in the guesthouse. The back of the house is covered with netting as it will grow vines. Photo: Chris Cooper

Made guesthouse of container

OPEN OPP: Large glass sliding doors provide an immediate proximity to the garden and the surrounding countryside. Photo: Chris Cooper

Focus on reuse and environment

Made guesthouse of container

Created design homes of five containers

The architects emphasized sustainable strategies as they were building the container house.

“Using a container is an environmentally friendly approach in itself,” says Sanchez. The container was given a new and permanent life as a dwelling.

The planted roof above the container creates a cooling shadow effect and air system. The interior consists of environmentally friendly bamboo plywood, which is equally suitable for both floors and walls.

The water from the sink and the shower is used for watering on the roof and in the garden, and the toilet is a biodo

Eco-Friendly Items

Made guesthouse of container

BAMBUS: Walls and floors are covered with bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly material. Photo: Chris Cooper

Made guesthouse of container

WC: The guest room in the guesthouse is a biodo. Photo: Chris Cooper

Made guesthouse of container

MINIMALISTIC: The tight interior picks up the clear blue color from the container and is replenished with red color clover. Photo: Chris Cooper

– The back of the container is covered by netting, explains Sanchez. They will eventually be filled with vines.

Made guesthouse of container

This house is made of an old container

Other innovative material choices:

– The container is on a foundation of recycled telephone posts.

– The terrace is made up of plates made of recycled soda bottles.

– The exterior light fixtures are made of leaves from a tractor plow.

What does the architect mean?

Use of containers for residential purposes has become a popular solution in several countries. But what does a Norwegian architect say about such a project?

Made guesthouse of container

TERRACE: The terrace is made of recycled soda bottles. Photo: Chris Cooper

Architect Johanne Taugbøl from WOOD Architectural Office seems the phenomenon of using containers for anything but storage is exciting, but she has not seen it being used as an annex in Norway.

– Personally, I think this project is exciting and the project shows what can be achieved within a predefined framework, says Taugbøl to bonytt. no. I like the idea of ​​changing the look and function of something that is so adapted to its original function. Containers are quite large and can therefore accommodate very much, and an infinite number of different solutions. We in WOOD had thought it was very fun to get such a challenge.

Taugbøl also points out that the strong color usage, typical of containers, emphasizes the past of the guesthouse. The interior, on the other hand, is softened more and dampens the feeling of being in a container.

– There are many alternative solutions for such a container, “continues Taugbøl. In this case, the container is emphasized, but another possibility would be to camouflage the container’s appearance and use the container as a constructive frame for a new shell.

A container in a Norwegian garden?

– I thought it was exciting to set up such a garden and I like people daring to do what’s a little unexpected, says Taugbøl. It’s not necessarily the most aesthetically beautiful project, but it has something else, it has a little edge and it’s a little provocative.

– But in practice, it is true that we have relatively strict legislation, so depending on size, use and regulation it will be applicable and count into the land utilization rate. Given that it is a container it is also a bit wooly. Is it a permanent or temporary measure? In relation to neighbors, a spacious garden can be required, where you should pull it slightly away from the landline.

From experience, I know that neighbors are very concerned about what’s happening on the site next to it and how it looks, she ends. Someone who is excited will come and be curious and someone who will protest loudly.

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Made guesthouse of container

OUTDOOR LIGHTING: The exterior lamps are made from the material of a tractor plow. Photo: Chris Cooper

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