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Looks expensive – but you can afford it

Are you cold? Here are 10 cheap wood burning stoves that also look great.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

The darkening time becomes so much nicer if you have a nice fireplace or oven on your side. However, a wood burning stove should no longer only heat the house – design and appearance are today as important as heating power. Below we show you 10 cool fireplaces, which do not cost your shirt, giving you the most important tips for buying wood burning stove.

Size counts

The first thing you should think about if you are planning to buy a new oven, or replace the old one, is to choose the right size of the oven..

– Do not buy too large oven in relation to the area it will heat up. Calculate about 1 kW per 15 m2, and something more if there is open ceiling or connection to the floor above, Per Chr explains.. Tellefsen, construction technician for the magazine Hytteliv.

Trond Paasche, Energy Advisor at Enova, agrees.

– The most important tip is choosing the right size. Many install an overheated oven with the result that it gets too hot in the room. To compensate for this, the draft is reduced in the oven. This will cause poor combustion with a high proportion of dust dust and not least soot in the pipeline, which in turn can lead to a pipeline, says Paasche.

He emphasizes that it’s not necessarily the most expensive furnaces that are the best.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

COLOR AND COMPACT: The Contura 800 Series is a series of small-scale fireplaces, inspired by the ellipse shape of a classic design table called “” superellipsen “. It is easy to place and has high efficiency in the combustion chamber. Available in black or gray lacquer, and you can choose between cast iron, glass, clay, stainless steel or lamella top. In the picture you can see Contura 810, which costs from NOK 11. 900, at Varmefag. Photo: Manufacturers.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

LARGE SIDEGLASS: This model is in the same series as Contura 810, but is a slightly more expensive variant. Here you will have the same compact wood burning stove, but on pedestal and with large side glass and the possibility of turning plate that allows the oven to rotate 360 ​​degrees. It comes in black or gray lacquer, and you can also choose between cast iron tops, clay tiles, black glass, stainless steel or lamella top. Price from NOK 15. 900 at Heating Sciences. Photo: Manufacturers.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

MINIMALISTIC: Small, functional and modern woodburning stove for rooms requiring less heat demand. This cubic oven is available with glass or steel doors, and is available in three different heights; 57, 65 and 85 cm. The smallest models can be emphasized by placing the oven on a bench or concrete base. The wood burning stove has air-cooled handle, shaker and ashtray. Can be supplied with Air-System, which takes off the combustion air from outside. Ideal for cabins, apartments and smaller homes. Price from NOK 11. 000 at heat science. Photo: Manufacturers.

Include log

To properly fire:

– The easier it is, the faster it burns.

– Heavy wood provides the most heat.

– Oak, beech, roe, ash, maple and birch are considered the best firewood.

– Use small sprouts when firing, not large amounts of newsprint.

– Use dry wood that has been stored for a year when firing. Dry wood gives a total of two to three times as much heat as raw wood.

– Add a little at a time in the oven.

– Ensure good moves, even in the pipes. Low air supply causes incomplete combustion, strong air pollution, poor energy utilization of the wood, lowering of pipes and danger of pipeline.

According to Tellefsen, always check the maximum length of wood when buying a new wood burning stove.

– Do not trust the brochures – they differ from the instructions. Bring a standard woodcutter of 30 cm + and check that you do not have to trick it into the oven. It may be tricky if the oven is brennheit, he points out.

When installing a new fireplace, be sure to measure the height of the smoke pipe inlet on the oven and the hole in the pipe so that you get the correct smoke pipe.

– You should also check that the oven has more options to regulate the pull and use the top mounted smoke pipe if you have the option. The annoying black smoke pipe that goes one meter up from the oven before it breaks into a pipe saves you a lot of bags. Rain 1000 W extra heat per meter pipe, says Tellefsen.

Plate or cast iron oven

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

LITEN AND NETWORK: Small and stylish fireplace insert suitable for installation and for installation in open fireplaces. The neat size makes it also fit well in smaller rooms. Price from NOK 11. 500 at Heating Sciences. Photo: Manufacturers.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: It’s a good idea to upgrade the open fireplace solution with a closed insert – allowing you to spread the heat in the room, instead of sucking it through the pipe. This way you use the wood up to three times as efficiently as in an open fireplace. The Contura i5 model has the option of fresh air supply, and you can choose between panoramic or double doors. Price from NOK 10. 900 at Heating Sciences. Photo: Manufacturers.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

GIR LITE OUTLINE: A large and bevelled glass front gives the Morsø S10 an exclusive and modern look.. Advanced combustion technology ensures minimum emissions of gases. The wood-burning stove is made of steel, but the bottom grille itself is made of durable cast iron. The handle is designed so that it does not get hot during firing. Price from NOK 14. 495 at Heating Sciences. Photo: Manufacturers.

There is also a difference in the material the oven is made of.

– Stoves are cheaper, easier and faster than cast iron ovens. But heavier furnaces – especially those with stone material on top and sides last longer on the heat. With the heat insulating panels in the combustion chamber intact, both plate ovens and cast iron ovens will have a long service life, “says Tellefsen.

In most new fireplaces, the feeding in the combustion chamber consists of porous, fire-resistant plates that have to be replaced after a few years. The plates must prevent the heat from coming into direct contact with the metal in the oven. The life span depends on how hard you throw the wood chambers into the oven. The plates can either be purchased as metal goods and cut to or ordered as a repair kit from the fireplace supplier.

Think about the supply of fresh air

Also, be sure to modify the oven. Requirements for minimum distance to combustible material vary from oven to oven. If you have the opportunity, you should bring fresh air to the oven in your own channel, Tellefsen believes.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

INNSYN TO THE FLAMMERS: Scan 62 and Scan 63 are designed by Steffen Schmelling and feature a simple and functional design – inspired by the design movement called shakers.. Scan 63 has side glass while the 62 variant comes without, and is therefore less expensive. Scan 63 costs from NOK 11. 990 at the old town. Photo: James Eric Hensley

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

QUICK AND EFFECTIVE: With the Model Terma Tech TT1Z, you get a lot of oven for the money. This should be an efficient wood burning stove in modern design, produced according to environmental requirements in order to achieve the Swan label. Price from NOK 8. 990 at Heating Sciences. Photo: Manufacturers

– You do not have to pull large amounts of cold air through the living room to feed the fire. Some fireplaces have their own connection for fresh air supply. If you plan a new pipe, consider pipes where fresh air is taken from above and directed down to the oven.

He adds that the smoke from modern heaters is cooler and has less speed.

– It could mean that the pipa worked well with the old oven now too badly drained. Is the pipa ready for a new oven? Piper with cracks has bad features and is flammable in use, Tellefsen points out.

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Looks expensive - but you can afford it

In NY DRAKT: Jøtul F 162 is a small cast iron stove, with new and unique form expressions. The size and shape make the ovens easy to place on the right wall and in a corner. Koster from 12. 590 at the Fireplace, and also comes in a variant with side windows. Photo: Manufacturers.

Looks expensive - but you can afford it

KUL LITEN PLUGG: Dovre Prelude is a wood burning stove with high thermal capacity, which combines wood up to 50 cm. Costumes from NOK 15. 000 at Maxbo. Photo: Manufacturers.

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