Look so nice the bathroom was

This cabin bath was only two square feet and did not have water. The Gullbrekken family won goods for 30,000 kroner and help to polish the bath.

Look so nice the bathroom was

Look so nice the bathroom was

WINNERS: Lisbeth and Jarle Gullbrekken won goods for 30,000 kroner and help to clean up their cabin bath in Hytteliv’s competition.. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Look so nice the bathroom was

FELLUS IN FOCUS: The bathroom was delicious and inviting after the renovation. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Look so nice the bathroom was

AIR TROUBLESHOOTING: A twig from the yard outside the cabin is used for hanging and drying. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Since 1973, we and our two daughters have enjoyed our cabin in Stuggudalen, Tydal municipality. At that time, the girls were small and a 2 square meter bath kept to date requirements. The girls have grown up and now have husband and two children each. They are still happy to be in the cabin ».

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How to win the winner’s letter in Hyttelev’s bathing competition.

The winner would receive a bathroom fitting for $ 30,000 from the Montér building chain, as well as the help of Hytteliv’s interior designer.


The family Gullbrekkens bathroom needed sore refurbishment. The bathroom consisted mainly of two 35 year old plastic sinks.

There was a lack of water, shelves and closet space.

The family dreamed of a bathroom where they could take a shower.

Not least, they wanted drying facilities and storage space for toilet mats and towels.

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Victims bedroom

Since the bathroom was only 2m2, they could offer a narrow bedroom that lay next door. The new bathroom would then be 7.5 m2.

When the Gullbrekken family heard that they had won, they were immediately ready to take on the renovation.

From the very beginning there was no doubt that this was a motivated family with a high level of workload.

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Look so nice the bathroom was

PRACTICAL BENCH: This seat bench fits well under the window. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Road to New Bath

Look so nice the bathroom was

STORAGE STORE: Here are several possibilities for storage and dry cleaning. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

After Hytteliv’s interior designer had consulted with bathroom expert Kjersti Narmo at Montér Gjøvik, the family got three suggestions with different colors and materials selection.

All included heating cables throughout or part of the floor, a shelving section for storage and shower and bathroom furnishings from Talgø.

For the Gullbrekken family it was not difficult to decide.

They immediately fell for a combination of gray paint, blue interior bones, white tiles in the shower enclosure and pebble on the floor.

Now the big family is enjoying the new family with 10 new ones. Large and small have a practical bathroom for relaxation and relaxation with plenty of closet space and drying possibilities.

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Look so nice the bathroom was

LIST: The newly refurbished bathroom gives a bright and pleasant impression. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

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