Look, a cool caravan

Finally a caravan you can be seen with.

Look, a cool caravan

Look, a cool caravan

Special shapes inside the caravan. Photo: Producer

Look, a cool caravan

The exercise wall occupies the living room

Look, a cool caravan

This costs 1 million

The whole idea behind Mehrzeller Camper is that you can customize your caravan online before you buy it. The idea came from two students, Christian Freisling and Theresa Kalteis. They study both architecture at the Graz University of Technology in Austria.

Customized online

Most things can be changed on the caravan. You start by telling the website how many people and animals are going to use the car. Then you allocate the place to kitchen, eating, sleeping, working, entertainment and sleeping. The system then automatically generates a proposal in 3D based on your weighting. Then select materials and equipment. Finally, the price is calculated, writes the design blog TheCoolHunter.

The result is a very special caravan which guaranteed to raise awareness. We are more excited about ergonomics, air resistance and comfort in the car. But, of course, it is subordinate as long as it looks good.

Ready for Spring

The caravan will be ready for booking already in spring 2009, and it will now be displayed at various camping shows in Europe. The trolley is to be manufactured according to the principles of mass-produced customization, or Mass customization. The secret is to use modern technology to automate personal customization so that it will be almost as cheap to mass-produce as a standard item.

The project is sponsored by BMW and around 30 other companies.

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