Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

Check out the cool Norwegian minihytte!

Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

Norwegians love cottage and outdoor life, there is little doubt about it. But stiff prices keep many on a long distance from cabin dream and lazy weekends by mountain and fjord.

But if you can not afford the dream cabin right yet, maybe the Norwegian invention Woody 15 may be the rescue – while saving you something bigger?

It is the Norwegian architect Marianne Borge who is the brain of the smart minihytta, which has recently attracted attention to major international design blogs such as Arch Daily and Inhabitat.

– Woody15 is a one bedroom cottage, which was initially set up as a pavilion in massive elements in the Nordmarka in connection with Oslo Open House in September 2014, Borge explains Klik Bolig.

– The cabin can stand alone – or together with other cabins, and can work well as an annex or guest room next to a larger cabin.

Missing kitchen and bathroom

According to the architect, Woody15 is very compact with its 17.5 square feet, and lacks kitchen, bathroom and in-house electricity.

– The cottage is heated using a small wood-burning stove, explains Borge and adds:

– You do not need more heating than it’s in such a compact place.

Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

ENVIRONMENTAL PLEASE: In the same way as “Big Brother” Woody35, this cabin also makes a small footprint on the environment around. PHOTO: Jonas Adolfsen

Large glass windows fill the little cabin with daylight, and also make sure you get nature into the living room.

– The entire front of the cabin consists of glass doors, which can be pushed all the way to almost completely open up inside and out, explains Borge and continues:

– It’s a cabin that can be placed on almost any site and you can be sure that you get a constant feeling of being close to nature outside.

Consists of 29 parts that are aggregated

Woody15 is made of 8.6 cubic meters of Norwegian spruce and is composed of 29 solid wood elements. The massive elements were manufactured and assembled by Massiv Lust, which last year won the Nordic Wood Prize and the granule was delivered by Begna Bruk, which also supplied the granular panel to outerwear.

– The tree in Woody15 is from spruce growing 700m above sea level and is of high quality. The big windows that are so important for the view and the romance of the little cabin were provided by the Northwest window, explains Borge.

Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

OPEN: Large windows ensure the view. Photo: Jonas Adolfsen

Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

NOTE: Woody15 does not have a kitchen or bathroom, and may be suitable as an annex. PHOTO: Jonas Adolfsen

More spacious big sister

If 17.5 m2 would sound a bit tight, it might be ok to know that Borge also designed a cab model that is somewhat bigger – and also has both kitchen and bathroom in place..

– Woody35 is designed as a compact cabin with living room, kitchen and bedroom integrated into 35 square meters of building material, says Borge and continues:

– The plan solution is a family room with living room, kitchen, dining area and bedroom. The ceiling height in the living room is at the highest four meters, so above the fireplace there is plenty of room for a sleeping loft.

Woody 35 is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and mostly maintenance-free. The cabins are built in terms of environment and climate.

– Solid wood, which Woody15 is built into, is a carbon-effective solution. This also helps to create a healthy indoor climate in the cabins, explains the architect.

Woody15 stands today as a viewing cabin in Ons√ły, Vikaneveien 68.

Less than 20 sqm and consisting of 29 parts

BUILDING: Woody15 is made of 8,6m3 Norwegian spruce and composed of 29 solid wood elements. PHOTO: Jonas Adolfsen


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