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Learned from online store? Here’s how to get your money back

If you use credit cards, you have the greatest opportunity to recoup money by fraud.

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

When you buy online, you pay largely in advance. It creates challenges when you do not get the item you have paid for.

This has especially been the case in Infurn’s online store.

Complaints have been many both on long delivery times and in terms of repayment by raising purchases.

“After many mail back and forth, I received a confirmation that I would get the money back within 30 business days. I have not seen the money, and it’s now 3 months ago, “writes a customer in email-to-click. No about their experiences with Infurn.

Additional credit card protection

So what do you do if the item is missing and promised money never returns to your account after countless purrings?

Your options depend on how you paid the goods. Your options are greatest if you have used a payment card.

“Have you purchased the item on credit, do you have additional protection through the Financial Agreement Act (section 54b). Particularly valuable is the law’s provision that creditors (mainly the bank) have the same responsibility as the seller, “says the Consumer Council’s pages on credit purchase rights.

“In the case of purchases, the consumer may apply to the creditor other than the seller the same objections and monetary requirements based on the purchase that he could make applicable to the seller, provided that the credit is given by agreement between the seller and the creditor”, it is stated in section 54b.

– Avoid paying directly from bank account

Consumer Europe is advised not to pay the money to the online store directly from the bank account.

Because there is no security for payment to the bank, CEO of Consumer Europe, Ragnar Wiik, cites. no.

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

Nina Dyrøy Photo: Skandiabanken

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

– Very many do not get furniture they have paid for

– And if the online store does not offer payment by debit card, this may be a notification.

He says that if you pay with the credit or debit card instead, and think that you have been cheated, you will be able to claim your money with card issuer.

“Our general advice to consumers who do not receive the product they have ordered is that they first contact the outlet and then contact the bank that issued the payment card”, writes Show Norway in an email to click. no.

According to communications adviser Marit Elisabeth Giske, DnB has received complaints from Infurn.

– But we’ve got even more at Designfurn, who is the same company, she expands over clicks. no.

The Skandi Bank has handled three to four complaints concerning Infurn over the past eight months.

– For the customer who is experiencing this, it is very boring, but for us, this is not a lot of matters in relation to the number of issues pertaining to online shopping, information adviser Nina Dyrøy says in the bank to click. no.

How to proceed to get your money back

She describes the following procedure to get the money back if an online store does not deliver the item or there is a lack of it.

– If you do not reach the supplier, you must contact card issuers, which in most cases is a bank.

It is important in this context to be aware that neither Visa, Master Card nor any other card vendor can be appealed.

– If the item is not received, a billing form is returned to the bank, largely electronic, explains Dyrøy.

In the next round, the bank will contact Visa, who will return the money.

– But if the item is received, but not in accordance with the order, the item must be returned to the user site.. This return must be documented when completing a claim form.

The same option to get the money back also applies if the online store goes bankrupt without receiving the item.

“If you have prepaid an item or service to a bankrupt company, you may also claim the money refunded by the bank,” the Consumer Council writes on its pages.

It is important in this context to be aware that it is only for business people who have the opportunity to get back the money from card issuers, Wiik expands..

– Have you been through a private player, you do not want this opportunity.

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

Did you think Skandiabank was the cheapest?

– Credit Card Provides Best Security

All debit cards will initially provide you with e-commerce, but credit card usage is still additional.

– Online trading is both debit and credit card Visa transactions, and customers are initially well secured through VISA’s own rules, explains Dyrøy.

– But in addition to this, the Credit Buying Act will be extra secured by using credit cards, because in such cases the creditor (the bank) will have the main responsibility for contact with the supplier, Dyrøy expands.

Generally, when it comes to debit cards, one will depend on the rules that each card system has.

“When we handle chargeback in Nets, we will use the international Visa and MasterCard rules applicable to the cardholder saying the reason for the opposition. If there is no chargeback option with regard to international rules, it will be up to card issuer to prove cardholder “, writes press officer, his nets, michael juul rugaard, in e-mail to click. no.

Other Payment Solutions

There are several payment solutions online. One of them is Paypal, and they have a system of repayment in case of fraud or lack.

According to their website, the following terms are required to get the money back:

  • You have purchased a physical item that can be shipped by mail / delivery company.
  • You have paid the full amount of the item in one payment with PayPal.
  • You have created a dispute within 45 days of the date of purchase. If you and the seller can not agree on a solution within 20 days after you have settled the dispute, you must escalate the dispute to a claim.

10-day deadline at Finn

One of the biggest players in online shopping in Norway, Finn. No, have a 10-day deadline for the consumer to get back their money.

– When the buyer pays an amount for an item, the money will be locked for ten days at PayEx, “explains Consumer Safety Director Geir Petter Gjefsen.. no.

– When the buyer has received the goods and confirms that it is in approved condition, or at the latest after ten days, the money will be transferred to the seller. This means that as a buyer you must complain during these ten days if you suspect that the item is not coming.

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

Grips that make e-commerce easier

And if the seller does not reply within seven days after the buyer has filed a complaint, the amount will be refunded.

– In general, one should complain if it approaches ten days after the purchase is agreed and the item has not arrived.

In cases where the item arrives within 10 days, but where it has significant shortcomings, it is also important to complain right away.

– Then PayEx will be able to keep the money back until you get notified that the seller and buyer have agreed, says Gjefsen.

– After 10 days, you can no longer get your money back from PayEx and you must go directly to the seller.

Gjefsen emphasizes that neither Finn. no or PayEx will be able to deal with the parties in such a conflict.

– In such cases, we recommend trying to find a solution with the seller. If you do not agree, the matter can be taken to the Consumer Council.

– Check the seriousness of the online store

Consumer Europe Council is to check the seriousness of the site before dealing with them.

– The European consumer system operates with so-called trustmarks. This is a form of certification of the sites, says Ragnar Wiik.

On the Consumer Europe pages, you can access the Howard web portal. Here you will find out when the site was established.

– And the date of establishment can be an indication of the site’s seriousness. Has it been started now recently, there may be a reason to be suspicious, Wiik expands.

Learned from online store? Here's how to get your money back

Here you should not withdraw money

– Of course, you should google site, and you can use words like fraud, scam and review.

If the site has small or inadequate contact information, this can also be an indication of seriousness. He draws Amazon and Ebay as two examples of well-functioning online stores.

– Actors who really want to be serious online actors should also be willing to provide their customers with the most information possible.

The Consumer Ombudsman has created a list of junk online players. They also need to be reluctant to provide too much information to the online store. “Do not give your account and card information until you decide to shop. The web shop basically only needs your address. Be wary of giving you other types of personal information, such as social security numbers, “they write on their web pages.

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