Jordhaugen hides a unique home

The house is protected by land and mountains, and is a very special example of architecture.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

The flavor is like the back is so nice. And this applies to so many, also the way one wants to live. Because there is someone who loves to create their home in height, with views and air at all sides, there are others who think it’s both safe and earthy to live both down – and also underground.

There are many great examples of homes that minimize interference with nature and the environment, and according to the design site Homedsgn, this was precisely what the goal was when the architects of Longhi Architects in Lima in Peru were planning and drawing the new house of a retired couple from the capital who wanted to move more rural.

The plot is holy

According to ancient Inka tradition, choosing the plot was the most important thing you did when it came to buildings.

Only when finding the right plot could you start traveling beautiful and important construction, “explains architect Hector Suasnabar at Longhi Architects for the design and architectural site Arch Daily.

– Both the sun and the moon’s temple at Machu Picchu are both good examples of how important the plot is when it comes to construction. The same was true for this couple, both of whom are philosophers of occupation, even though they have retired today.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

SLIPPER LIGHTED: The married couple wanted to feel close to nature around. Through the windows in the ceiling, light is emitted into the house. Photo: CHOlon Photography

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

TRADITION: According to ancient Inka tradition, the plot should be protected. Photo: CHOlon Photography

The architect explains that today there are not many who do not care about the tradition, or take it into account when building.

– What kind of house you want, how many rooms it will have usually means more now, explains Suasnabar.

– But in terms of this project, it was actually the case that the clients fell in love with the site first and only after the site was decided we began to think about what kind of home you could make here.

Suasnabar explains that when this house was to be the couple’s last home, each decision became more meaningful and important.

Built the house down the hill

One of the most important elements when it came to building traditions of the old Incas was to always look for a so-called “Apu” – a protector – in the surrounding landscape.

– Here, in the area known as Pachacamac, there were the high mountains on both sides of the plot that ensured this, describes Suasnabar.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

CHALLENGES: It was not free because it was a bit of a headache to make a home of this hill. Photo: CHOlon Photography

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

PENSIONS: The married couple sought help from well-known architects to make their last home. Photo: CHOlon Photography

– The little hill surrounded by mountains was the perfect site for the couple’s new home.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

There is no reason to trust the first impression

The architect explains that it was a natural response to the plot to decide to dig the house down the hill.

– The goal was to create a kind of balance and dialogue between architecture and landscape, expands Suasnabar.

– The bare raw landscape was supposed to protect the dwelling, while at the same time one should be able to view the nature and the elements around the house.

To feel confident, but to admire both nature, and especially the light and the darkness outside, were elementary when the architects and the clients planned the house.

– The glass box protruding from the mountain was meant as a symbol of how architecture can affect an otherwise untouched nature.

Nature controlled the project

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

SAMPLE: The architects attempted to create a unique interplay between nature and architecture. Photo: CHOlon Photography

The site of the couple’s house should be built, which lies approximately. 40 km south of the capital Lima, obviously offered great challenges when it came to both water, sewage and electricity.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

DUSJEN: The clients wanted a home where the surrounding nature should focus, not the interior inside. Photo: CHOlon Photography

– We had to think both new and different when it came to many things with this project, unlike other homes we have worked with, explains the architect.

– But after looking the same as the clients, when it came to this site and this place, every challenge was just an exciting stopover on the way to the goal.

The architect explains that everything was about the home’s communication with nature around.

– It’s this fascinating “conversation” with the earth and the elements that have been a constant guide throughout the project, which has driven us forward and onward.

Suasnabar explains that both he and colleagues have gained a new understanding of the importance of understanding the elements.

– It was only after this project that I fully understood that in order to achieve success with architecture in rural areas, learning to listen to and establish a relationship with the environment and nature around.

The architect compares the relationship between architecture and nature with relationships between people:

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

QUICKLY FINE: This house does not get much unnecessary decor and decoration. Photo: CHOlon Photography

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

UNIK: The interior is both raw and beautiful at the same time. Photo: CHOlon Photography

– It can be direct or indirect, sophisticated or wild, romantic or on the verge of madness; Where people and relationships between them are different, nature and architecture are never exactly the same two places.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

– In the church they found a home that was unique, spacious and comfortable

Raw and Natural

The interior of the buried home is almost as raw and naked as nature around. This, explains the architect, was also a wish from the clients who would move into the house.

– The married couple, who moved here from the big city, initially wanted a simpler life, says Suasnabar.

They did not want the interior inside the house to disturb them from enjoying the outdoors on the outside, or disturbing them in finding the calm and simplicity they sought in their new life as retirees.

The architect explains that the couple now has a home where different rooms and zones can remind them of something and in many ways can transport them in dreams and thoughts to places and situations from earlier.

– In addition to the fact that the home will obviously be a home where e enjoys being in both the present and the future as well.

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

LIGHT AND DARK: The simple interior makes the focus move out to the outside of the windows. Photo: CHOlon Photography

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

VIEW: The married couple would spend their last years in close proximity to nature. They get it in this house. Photo: CHOlon Photography

Interpreting Dreams

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

Wanted the quiet, dropped windows from the front of the house

The married couple has received the dream home.

– It’s an architect’s job to interpret the dreams of his client, explains Suasnabar.

– And the more interesting the client and his dreams are, the more interesting will of course be the result.

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Jordhaugen hides a unique home

WHAT IS THE HOUSE: Check what the architects did. Photo: Illustration: Longhi Architects

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

In FJELLET: This was how the house was built into the mountain. Photo: Illustration: Longhi Architects


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