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Join this year’s interior Christmas calendar

Sign up for the Christmas calendar and join in the drawing of amazing presents every day until Christmas Eve.

Join this year's interior Christmas calendar


How to join

1. Send a text with the password JULBOL HYT to 2205 and you are enrolled this year’s Christmas calendar.

2. Every day you will receive a question by SMS (only kr 1 per. Message). You must answer this correctly to be in the draw of today’s prize.

3. Read the question on your mobile and send your reply to SMS.

4. Every subsequent day we draw winner (s) from those who have answered correctly on today’s questions.

By participating in this year’s Christmas calendar you will be able to receive great offers by SMS from Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen. These messages are completely free.

Do you want to sign up?

Send a text with the password CHRISTMAS STOP to 2205 .

Do you have questions for the Christmas calendar?

Call Customer Service at 22 58 51 00

Join this year's interior Christmas calendar

Here are the prizes in this year’s Christmas calendar.

You can win a lot of designer products: vases, lanterns, kitchen utensils, radio / music systems and furniture.

The prizes have a total value of 81,802, –

Register in the box below or send a text with password CHRISTMAS to 2205 and sign up for this year’s Christmas calendar.

Sign up for your Christmas calendar now!

The mobile number has been submitted, check your phone.

Verify your mobile number!

You are now enrolled in the Christmas calendar. Good luck!

You will receive a question by SMS (only $ 1 per person). message) every day from 1. December that you have to answer to be in the draw for today’s prize.

If you wish to sign up for the Christmas calendar, send JULBOL STOPP to 2205. If you have any questions, call Customer Service 22 58 51 00.

The Christmas calendar is common to Bonytt, Rom123, Hyttiviv and Boligdrøm. By participating in this year’s Christmas calendar, you will be able to receive great offers by SMS from Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen.

You will find photos of all the premiums in the image gallery at the top of the article and a brief overview below. In this prize overview you will find more information about prizes and winners will be published on a regular basis.

Here is a short list of this year’s prizes, totaling 81 802, –

1. The salad bowl is the last addition to the classic Christmas dessert Star Flutet Christmas from We give away three pieces, total value, kr 1677, –

2. New products made from bamboo melamine. Three baking balls with a lid and lid, baker roll and matte. Salad dressing, dressing hooks and four table cutters. Stelton,, total value, kr 1500, –

3. Assorted light bulbs from millemoi. no, total value, kr 1200, –

4. Cake pop iron from Christiania Glasmagasin, cg. no. We give away five pieces, total value, kr 1495, –

5. Geneva XS from nebyhifi. no offers wireless audio transfer from your mobile phone or tablet via the blue. Also includes radio and alarm clock. Available in the colors red, white and black, value kr 1595, –

6. Doo Wop pendant from Louis Poulsen in optional color, see more variants on the louis, value, kr 3995, –

7. The coffee machine U and nespresso dispenser dispenser. no. The machine has three pre-programmed copper sizes, total value, kr 1500, –

8. Moody things from Holmegaard’s Christmas 2012 collection. Two winners get a cake pot, bowl and two candlesticks, total value, kr 1894, –

9. Assorted pillows from millemoi, total value, kr 2500, –

10. LC Shutters from Louis Poulsen in optional color, see variants on the louis, value, kr 3995, –

11. Arne & Carlos has designed the blankets Fra Sogn to Lima in the softest baby package. See variations on rorostweed. no, value, kr 2350, –

12. The reload table Speaks Wall from stands firmly against the wall, value, kr 3329, –

13. Folded Rein, Ø: 45 cm, has motifs both on the front and back. Glass pieces Tiur & Orrefugl, Ø: 9 cm. Table cutter Hot, Ø: 21 cm, all from Norwegian Scandinavian, total value, kr 1500, –

14. Set of three refractory shapes in sizes of one, two and three liters. Comes with black canvas like tableware, and thermo press can. Everything from, total value, kr 1596, –

15. Double skinnfell, size 200 x 60 cm, is available in the Asphalt color, from shepherd. now, value, kr 2295, –

16. Geneva S DAB from nebyhifi. No have iPod dock, DAB + / FM radio. Remote control and table rack included. Available in the colors red, white, black and silver, value, kr 2995, –

17. From Rosendahl and Grand Cru you get four cups of bowl and cake plate, as well as candlesticks and the latest coffee pot, see more at, total value, kr 1933, –

18. New robust blender with pulse function and sharper knives. KitchenAid blender from Howard. no, value, kr 2880.

19. A large Alv vase, h: 26 cm, plus two light bulbs from Wik & Walsøe. See variants on wik-walsoe. no, total value, kr 1540, –

20. Sunburst Clock Multicolor, design George Nelson for, Ø: 47 cm, value, kr 2900, –

21. From the wallpaper to the pillows, latest news from Tom Haga Surfaces. Two pillows with concrete photo, see variants on concrete wall. no, total value, kr 2796, –

22. 12 large glasses specially designed for wines of Syrah and Zinfandel grapes. Vinglass Syrah from, total value, kr 2700, –

23. PH 50 pendant from Louis Poulsen in optional color. Check the variants on the louis, value, kr 4995, –

24. The lounged Control Glove from Eilersen, is drawn in the Glossy 02 textile. The chair, which is 182 cm long, comes with headrests, back pockets for magazines and newspapers, and has adjustment for sitting and reclining. Control has wheels so it’s easy to move on. See more at, value kr 26,642, –

Prizes and winners

Christmas calendar is a collaboration between the magazines Bonytt, Rom123, Hyttiviv, BoligDrøm and Klik Bolig.

The prizes are delivered as shown on the images and can not be exchanged. The gifts are sent out after Christmas. The top prize on Christmas Eve is the lounged Control Glove from Eilersen. See pictures of all the prizes above. Description of prizes and winners is published in this article.

Join several Christmas calendars from Egmont Hjem Mortensen.


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